Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Long time no post....

Sorry bout not posting in a while. I have been extremely busy doing.....well, whatever it is that I do. Anyway, I have been thinking about a ? that was brought up in my high school Sunday school class,and I would like you guys to tell us me thoughts on this subject.

Can someone be a "christian" and still believe that abortion is acceptable? Or can someone still be a "Christian" and believe there is more than one way to heaven, like thru different religions?

For example, in one of President Barack Obama quotes,( I am not trying to really pick on him, he just happened to be a person high up in the public spotlight who had this view) He says " I am a christian, I am a very devout Christian.." and he goes on to say that he believes in the whole death, burial, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Now the ? that was brought up was, how can he be a christian and still accept abortion? I think if someone had any concept of what the Bible says about abortion,(which i think is essentially murder), and even the ten commandments, you would realize that abortion is wrong. The Bible says when you become a New person, you put away the old person and everything that is ascociated with the old person.

Now another thing that I have heard that Obama has said is that He thinks that abortion is morally wrong, but, if he outlaws it, it will still continue to occur, and end up taking place in the alleyways and in unsafe places, which will cause more of the women who are having abortions to die. Some people think that is a coverup, some believe him. It doesn't matter if it's all a lie or not. It does matter tho, that in the U.S. alone approximately 3,700 aborions take place every day, and almost 1.37 million every year. 42 MILLION take place every year world wide.

Soo.. anyone who proclaims to be a christian, and yet still accepts abortion as okay, I will forever question how strong that person's relationship is,if they really have one, with God.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Valkyrie was AWESOME. That was one of the best movies ever. Or at least in the top fifty. It was awesome.(did i just repeat myself) I did, whoops. Anyway, if u haven't seen it, u should.Tom Cruise is the main star, and he does really good job. He plays a german captain who trys to assinate Hitler( may he never rest in peace). It's rated pg-13, but only for slight language and a good bit of violence. It has a really good ending. But it was still a really good movie.

Another movie i wanna see is Seven Pounds, starring Will Smith. It's from the creators of The Pursuit of Happiness, which also stars Will Smith. (it's also a really good movie that i recomend that is a great family movie).

I love watching movies, wait, let me rephrase that, I really love to watch movies. My favorite actor is probably either Denzel Washington or Will Smith. Will Smith was really good in IROBOT. My favorite type of movie is fantasy, well i like to describe them as realistic futuristic fantasy. Movies that are fantasy, but take place in a futuristic setting, and could possibly happen...... WOW, that was my longest post by far. Well, anyway....... LONG LIVE SACRED GERMANY!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Here it is 2009!!

AAAAAHHHH!!!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!! that was really random. But of course, we all are a little random sometimes. I am a master at phsyco-babble. I invented. The definition of Phsyco-babble: The art of talking about completely random, pointless, and wacky things, sometimes at the most unusual times. Of course, my theory, which many of you have heard, is that everyone in the world today is a little weird, it's just the people who won't admit it who are the really weird ones. Wow, that was like the first pointless post i have ever had. Sweeeeet!!! Rock ON!!!!