Sunday, February 28, 2010

finished...too late..

well...the day after..saturday i mom let me finish....but my hair is so dark it didn't do

much more. Church was awesome.People were giving me funny looks, double takes, asking me

the same question over and over, 'What happened to your hair"...too funny. Anyway, it'll be gone

by next week...i need a haricut so....the tips of my hair might still be light next week...anyway.....

Saturday, February 27, 2010

im not the blonde type anyway

Okay well, my first ever attempt at dyeing my hair started out well. I chose 'bleach blonde' as my new hair color.....anyway...i mixed the necessary creams, put it in my hair evenly(i tried), and then sat down to wait the required minimum of 30 minutes. Well, I only got to twelve, because as soon as my mom found out, I was done. So, instead of being bleach blonde, my hair is now just really, really, really, light brown, with a little more darkness in the back where i could've used more cream......ooh well..... life goes on....

Friday, February 26, 2010

well....8 is better then 88

Are long distance relationships bad? Is Facebook addicting? Does she like me? Do I like her? What are we having for dinner tonight?Do I need a haircut?Where can I get more money for Creation? Is this band actually any good?...... But, the real question is...should I dye my hair bleach blonde?...I am debating whether too or not? Ya'know,mix it up a little....hmmmm......

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

third times a charm, and im broke

Well, third times a charm. My third show finally went smoothly. Everything worked like its supposed to and I felt more comfortable. And, you wouldn't believe it, but I did pretty well not talking fast, which, for those of you who know me, is quite an GETTING BETTER!!!....oh joy...
Oh, and I'm taking guitar lessons for the first time ever...weird..but fun. Oh, and i went cross country skiing last Saturday. THAT was fun!!...reminded me of MT....i was sad that night...oh well....obsessing with Creation....cant WAIT!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live Free or Let Me DIe

Put your ipod (or playlist) on shuffle and the use the titles that come up as the answer to your questions.

I will use my playlist.Okay. Here Goes.No do-overs.

If someone says "This is okay", you say: Youth of the Nation, P.O.D( sense at all)

What would best describe your personality? When in Doubt, Thousand Foot Krutch(totally not true)

What do you like in a guy/girl? What is the Gospel, Lecrae ( very true)

What is your life's purpose? Share It with Me, Family Force 5(stupid)

What is your motto? I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, U2(haha..i like it)

What do your friends think of you? Dream On, Aero Smith(im not sure how to take that)

What do you think about very often? Joyful Noise, Flame ft. Lecrae(true true)

What is 2+2? Wipe Your Tears, T-bone(random)

What do you think of your best friend? Be My Escape, Relient k( haha..sometimes indeed....)

What do you think of a person you like? Fight Inside, Red(very true)

What is your life story? Buffalor Soldier, Bob Marley(that is SOOOO wrong)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Never Gonna Be as Big As Jesus, Audio Adrenaline( well thats true)

What do you think when you see a person you like? Around the World, KJ-52( no idea)

What do your parents think of you? Million Pieces, Newsboys (not sure that fits)

What will you dance to at your wedding? Lucy, Skillet(ummm..okay, i coudl live with that)

What will they play at your funeral? If You Believe Me, Relient k(well, okay...i guess)

What is your hobby/interest? Freedom, Run Boy Run(truth)

What is your biggest secret? Jesus Freak, Dc Talk(thats not much of a secret)

What do you think of your friends? Alive, P.O.D( i hope they're alive)

What's the worst thing that could happen? The Saltwater Room, Owl City(no, dumb)

How will you die? Favorite Disease, TFK(i don't like ANY diseases)

What's the one thing you regret? Candlelight, Relient k(what in the world?)

What makes you laugh? Definitely Maybe, TFK(i definitely laugh)

What makes you cry? Ill Be There, MJ(no, michael Jackson will never make me cry)

Will you ever get married? Deconstructing Venus, Kevin Max( no sense)

What scares you the most? Only Hope, Switchfoot(hey, i LIKE hope)

Does anyone like you? Praying For You, Lecrae( im praying so...haha)

If you could go back in time, what would you change? Sing, The Classic Crime(yea, would NOT sing)

What hurts now? On The Wing, Owl City( i have wings?!?!)

What do you often exclaim? Live Like You Were Dying, Tim Mcgraw(or NOT, but still very true)

What did you first say as a baby? Belly of a Whale, Newsboys(im not really sure what my first word was)

If you had a pet, what would you name it? Softer To Me, Relient k( nah, BJ, for Buck Junior)

What is your favorite sight to see? Wish You Well , TFK( when you've seen one wishing well, you've seen them all)

What makes you gag? Believe, Skillet

What are you best at? Live Life Loud, Hawk Nelson( WOW...sooo true)

If you wrote a book, what would you call it? Alien Youth, Skillet(that is a waaaaaay cool title, i think ill write a book now)

What did you wish for last? Lose This Life, Michael Tait(for christ)

What would your superhero name be? Never Surrender, Skillet

How soon will this be over? Are You Real, KJ-52

Where are you sitting? Pierced, Audio Adrenaline( at my DESK)

What do you most hate? Souled Out, Lecrae(yes, i hate it when people seel you out, oh wait thats different)

What do you most love? Earth Invasion, Skillet(earth invadede by...uumm..aliens i guess)

What do you not care about? Tonight, TFK( soo true)

What is your secret name? Fanatic, Lecrae(awesome)

What will you post this as? Live Free or Let Me Die, Skillet(okay, ill do it)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

bad begining....bad ending.....again...

It was better...and yet worse at the same time....aaackk..*facepalms*...First off, the first five minutes were bad with the same problems as last time. But this time the ending was bad too because the music wasn't playing because I didn't press the right buttons...WHO KNEW that being on the radio was soooo complicated?...or at least complicated for me...

But..I am really enjoying the process.It is very good experience for me.It is giving something to do....
Relient k, More Than Useless
I feel like, I would like
To be somewhere else doing something that matters
And I'll admit here, while I sit here
My mind wastes away and my doubts start to gather
Whats the purpose? It feels worthless
So unwanted like I've lost all my value
I can't find it, not in the least bit
and I'm just scared, so scared that I'll fail you
And sometimes I think that I'm not any good at all
And sometimes I wonder why, why I'm even here at all
But then you assure me
I'm a little more than useless
And when I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once
So I say if I can't, do something significant
I'll opt to leave most opportunities wasted
And nothing trivial, that life could give me will
Measure up to what might have replaced it
Too late look, my date book
Is packed full of days that were empty and now gone
And I bet, that regret
Will prove to get me to improve in the long run
And sometimes I think that I'm not any good at all
And sometimes I wonder why, why I'm even here at all
But then you assure me
I'm a little more than useless
And when I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once
I’m a little more than useless
And I never knew I knew this
Was gonna the day, gonna be the day
That I would do something right
Do something right for once
I notice, I know this
Week is a symbol of how I use my time
Resent it, I spent it
Convincing myself the world's doing just fine
Without me
Doing anything of any consequence
Without me
Showing any sign of ever making sense
Of my time , it's my life
And my right, to use it like I should
Like he would, for the good
Of everything that I would ever know
I'm a little more than useless
When I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once
I'm a little more than useless
When I think that I can't do this
You promise me that I'll get through this
And do something right
Do something right for once

Friday, February 12, 2010


CURSE YOU FACEBOOK MAKERS!!!!.....actually, I'm on FB too. It's just that EVERYONE THAT USED TO BE ON BLOGGER, no longer is on blogger really....they're all on facebook.......*facepalms*....has everyone succumbed to the numbing power of Facebook? Really people? Did you forget blogger existed or WHAT?!?...Unlike them, I am able to balance between Facebook and other things including blogger............I dunno.....
I am submitting short story I put on here a while back into a short story contest. I doubt my actual chances of winning are high, but hey.....what do I have to lose really?.......

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i have given in to the non-exsistent pressure

Every tuesday. 3-4 in the afternoon, so 4-5 mountain time. watch me live on the Radio Birdstreet link in the links section.....

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

rough would be an understatement

wow....okay....soo first show is done....over the past....THANK GOD!!!!....first off, the first five minutes were a disaster, music wasn't playing, mike wasn't working, computer messed up.....*face palms*...i need a redo....*wait*...NO, i week...........hopefully, next week will be better.....

Digital Palace is my name, playin music is my game.....aaggh...i have been trying to collect all the Arizona Tea cans and i just can't do it...i have all the ones i like, which is like over ten, but there are a couple that i don't like and im not going to buy it if i don't like to drink it....idk....ill prolly just have my dad drink it for me......oh, Arizona Teas are AWESOME!!!!...that much, that good, for just 99 cents......that GREAT!!!!......

Monday, February 8, 2010

sinner or saint!!

Saints are the Champs...THERE...I have officially done my required sentence(i KNOW its not a sentence, but IDK!) discussing the super bowl....but in other news...I will be hosting my new show tomorrow for the first time and i am SOOOOO freaking out...but...i will not be telling you the hours of my show nor the place you can see me, until the second show, because i do not want ya'll to see my first show, which i can just feel is going to be very bad and rough(what really could you expect)......its gonna be awesome......
i was standing outside in a parking lot with my little bro(who's 3), and i put him on the roof of our, i don't see anything wrong with that...and he stood up, looked around, then looked at me and said, "Josh, I can see the world from here"...i just thought that was soooooo

oh, here is a cool vid, Davd Crowder Band did an acoustic/piano cover version of flyleafs song All Around Me..and it is sooooooo amazing....

oh, and one more thing.................... my fav commercial, "Keep your hands off my mamma, keep your hands off my Doritos"........funny....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

why is crude so funny dude?

And I have no answer for that question? Here is my question, why is it that our culture no longer laughs at clean jokes? Why do we only laugh at jokes that have sexual innuendos, foul language, and crude words? For example. I recently saw a trailer for a movie(and i still want to see it) featuring Robin Williams and John Travolta called Old Dogs. It's a comedy rated PG, so its a pretty clean, family funny movie. I looked up the reviews for this movie from the so-called 'experts', and I was astonished at what they said. Some said it was boring, others called it just not funny, in fact, one review said it was the kind of movie "you take you dumb relatives to".
On the other hand, perhaps you've heard of the movie, Its Complicated starring Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep. Now this movie was a comedy, but rated R.The critics LOVED it, thought it was great. Now why is that? Have clean jokers like Bill Cosby given way to crude and foul comedians like Cris Rock. Why is that one cannot listen to a standup comic for five minutes without having the f-bomb thrown at you every other word?Why?Why?Why?......idk......