Friday, July 29, 2011

Winding Down To Start Up

Creation Northwest was AWESOME!!! Just not as awesome as last yer tho. Interestingly enough. I almost felt like a third wheel there. But, whatever. Skillet was just plain amazing. They re-did their set and it looked UBER EPIC!!!! I still had a good time with my friends. It was so nice to see them.

Oh, and for the record, don't try to get married while still married. It doesn't work.

My mother and my siblings are in Denver on the way to Iowa. As for my father and I, we are in Oroville, CA, on our way back to Crescent City. I can't WAIT to be back home.

I misses hers, She's as boot camp. Yea, she's just that awesome!

If you would please, pray for my friend Sterling, he was riding his bike in town, with no helmet, and he was hit by a car. He was taken to the hospital and is now at home. Just pray that there are no long-lasting, negative effects from this incident. It's a miracle that he is alive.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Picking Up Speed

Well, where to start?

July 4th. Spent the fireworks show on a boat with my family and Sophie. Yes, I did indeed have a birthday. OMGoodness. 17 years is a long time. Hopefully, I will survive lots more.

From July 5th-9th, I was at Fir Point High school Camp. That was pretty fun. Not the funnest ever, but it was fun because Jacob, Kenzie, and Sophie were there too!! So it was alright in the end.

Now, I  know I have said before about me being close to getting a permit, well, I'm serious this time. I started the drivers ed course online(to save time), and it is quite easy actually. I might have my permit by next Wednesday, the day we leave for Creation and then Montana. YAY!!!

I went to the river today with Sophie and her friends. Lots of fun. Even went rock jumping, tho I simply couldn't force myself to jump off the highest one. About 20 feet I think. Still had an enjoyable time.

Tomorrow will be a good time. Lauren is having her birthday party!! 16 years old I believe. Sophie will be there, nice thing. But, then on Saturday, Sophie is leaving for Sea Cadet Boot Camp in Reno....*sadface*..

Anyway, life goes on and time runs out.....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July

May God not kill us all.......

Sunday, July 3, 2011

What do you call a birthday party, not on your birthday?

A PARTY!!!!!

As some of you may know, my birthday is on the fifth of July. But, because I am going to a highschool camp from the fifth to the ninth of July, we celebrated it today. Burgers and chicken were on the menu. Very tasty-THANKS MOM!!!

I did receive a blue m&m's t-shirt. That was cool. And from Malachi, who obviously stopped by the dollar store on the way over, some sidewalk chalk,bubbles, a sand pail and shovel, a squirt gun, and.....*drum roll*.... A JONAS BROTHERS BIRTHDAY CARD!!! It was obviously my fav present. Oh, and money from the Geisserts. A very thoughtful gift.

But, one downside was that, we had roughly two days to throw this party together, and so, because of that, we didn't have many activities planned. So, when groups of teens get together, what do they do?

They chill........that's right...for 3 hours we just sat around and chilled. Aside from grouping together in the hot sun for like a billion pictures by my dad, and watching me blow out some candles, we just sat around and talked.

Typical teens we are. Talking about......well, maybe I just wont say.There might be an adult reading this....

You know, it's kinda funny these days, but there is something I have noticed, at least where I am. I think you are more likely to get ratted out by a lurking adult than the teens you are hanging with. Just something to think about. It's not going to be one of your friends, no, it's going to be there parents, standing afar off who just "happens" to notice something, and then just happens to talk to your parents later.

It's NEVER a good thing when parents are talking in a little group afar off.

I've have said this before, and I'll say it again. It's IPPAC.

International Parent Plot Against Children

Our parents have joined together in a unified front against us. That's why there is slave labor*work with no payemnt*, and parents who abuse their parental rights. The list is ENDLESS!! They have also agreed to spy and report on each other's kids. Making it increasingly difficult to simply hang with your friends.

Mark My Words.

In other news, I saw Transformers 3 with Malachi and Alex. It was a very good action flick. Tho, it did go on a little long, almost three hours! There was good humor, not to dirty, no sex scenes, and the language was nto as much as the second. Oddly, enough, it seems like a lot of the language comes from his parents.

I give this movie a weak B+. Simply because of all the awesome butt-kicking robot action!

On a side note, I am a very,fortunate guy...and no, I do NOT like the jonas brothers....

Friday, July 1, 2011

So when life throws a curveball, what do you do?

You charge the mound and take out the pitcher!

So, in a shocking and irritating turn of events, I will not be going to Creation. I am very disappointed and uber bummed. The only silver lining I can see is that I will be able to purchase a lot more cd's now and STILL save money. We will be going to Montana to visit, but on the 22 of July and only for like 3 days. We will be able to attend Eric's wedding. That will be most enjoyable.But, just not the same as Creation.

I will not be able to see my friends or my wifey. Very disappointing.

I will be going to a Highschool camp July5-9. That will hopefully be fun.

There is an opportunity for a possible job that has come to my attention. Seems there is a jerky maker in a town just north of us, and the person who was distributing his jerky to Crescent City, doesn't want to do it anymore. The job would mean, once a week buying the product from maker, then selling it at stores in Crescent City, hopefully making a profit. Eventually to do this I will need my license, but my father has agreed, should we try this, that he would take me the first couple of times till I could drive.

She's still there, much to my surprise.....