Thursday, July 14, 2011

Picking Up Speed

Well, where to start?

July 4th. Spent the fireworks show on a boat with my family and Sophie. Yes, I did indeed have a birthday. OMGoodness. 17 years is a long time. Hopefully, I will survive lots more.

From July 5th-9th, I was at Fir Point High school Camp. That was pretty fun. Not the funnest ever, but it was fun because Jacob, Kenzie, and Sophie were there too!! So it was alright in the end.

Now, I  know I have said before about me being close to getting a permit, well, I'm serious this time. I started the drivers ed course online(to save time), and it is quite easy actually. I might have my permit by next Wednesday, the day we leave for Creation and then Montana. YAY!!!

I went to the river today with Sophie and her friends. Lots of fun. Even went rock jumping, tho I simply couldn't force myself to jump off the highest one. About 20 feet I think. Still had an enjoyable time.

Tomorrow will be a good time. Lauren is having her birthday party!! 16 years old I believe. Sophie will be there, nice thing. But, then on Saturday, Sophie is leaving for Sea Cadet Boot Camp in Reno....*sadface*..

Anyway, life goes on and time runs out.....

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