Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its Official, Well Only Un-Officially

So, here I am, sitting in some person's house, waiting for some old couple to move out of our-house-to-be, listening to Hawk Nelson sing 'bout some girl named Caroline. Here's the catch, I'm in Crescent City, my home for as long as it takes me to finish highschool, get a car, and pick a college. And not a moment longer.....

Anyhoo.....I have officially chosen where I will be going to school. It's a private, christian school in Crescent City, as compared to the online christian school I did last year. Tho, the only reason I get to go is 'cuz of two discounts and the fact I'm so special(actually,there are discounts cuz I'm a pastors kid, bleh), its free for me! Shnazzy!

Yes, it's official, I'm lonely. Tho I didn't want to wallow in self-pity for the whole post, I decided on just one paragraph. I'm still off Facebook. The withdrawl symptoms have worn off leaving me semi-hollow, haha......*sighs*

There is youth group tonight, so that's good.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One Down, One To Go

One load down(er, up really...actually, north), one to go, this is our last week here in Oroville, CA. I will/am happy to be leaving the scorching weather behind. In Crescent City, I don't think it ever goes above 90, if ever in the 80's. But, it rains, and its ALWAYS CLOUDY!!!! *doom on me*doom on me*.......

Now, for my song of the day, okay, maybe longer. So, there's this Switchfoot song called Your Love Is a Song, and it has been stuck in my head for-like-ever! It's arguably my favorite Switchfoot song EVER!!! So, I thought I'd put it here for y'all. This is not a real rocky song so I encourage everyone to listen to it.......

Friday, August 13, 2010

Not Here, Not There, Not Anywhere

So my life seems, in where we are content to live. As in the next 8 hours I will be going up to Crescent City, CA to take the first of several trailer's full of our junk, most of which seems like junk to me. But I did get one good thing out of all this, I will be able to do one last show at KRBS. Bittersweet. One thing tho, when I told the studio manager I was moving, she asked about the radio stations there, and if I needed a letter of reference, so that was thoughtful of her.

On the family front, we are trying out Netflix, since DIRECT TV has become so stinkin expensive. I think Netflix is kinda cool too. And, you know what, I was reading a blog, one that I read quite often, And We All Fall Down :/, and it occurred to me, I am not gifted with words the way some people are. The author over there, can just write and write and write, and I well, can't to put it simply. There's a thought for you.

While I was in Montana, I found some simply awesome quotes that I decided I just must show with you.

  • Raising teenagers is like nailing jello to a tree.
  • Time may be a great healer, buts its a lousy beautician.

my personal motto

  • Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.

And own of my fav movie quotes ever, by one of my fav actors ever, Paul Bettany,

" I'm sorry, I can see I'm not speaking clearly. You have played the game and lost." from the character Lord Melbourne in Young Victoria.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Me + Energy Drink+ Redbull Shot= Nothing Good

Yes, I am leaving Montana. Tomorrow morning at like, well, whatever time my dad decides is a good time to get up. After two and a half weeks here, going to EPIC Creation, working on vacation, visiting old friends, and drinking my first ever energy drink, its time to go. YES.
I just had my first every energy drink. A ROCKSTAR Lemonade, non-carbonated. And, when I had a all-nighter with Krys, James and Nathan, I had a.....wait-for-it.....a REDBULL shot AND a ROCKSTAR drink together. It was a very unique experience. Now, for all of those who know me, imagine me, on REDBULL and ROCKSTAR!!!! Oh yeah!!! It was epic!!! Of course, we had to go to bed at 2:30 am, but really???

WHO ACTUALLY GOES TO SLEEP THEN!!!!?????? OF COURSE we stayed awake for like 2 more hours and talked about the typical teenage boy stuff.....and then some!!!

But to end this post on a somber, depressing note, I am still leaving Montana.

I can see the wave of inevitable loneliness closing in fast.