Sunday, August 8, 2010

Me + Energy Drink+ Redbull Shot= Nothing Good

Yes, I am leaving Montana. Tomorrow morning at like, well, whatever time my dad decides is a good time to get up. After two and a half weeks here, going to EPIC Creation, working on vacation, visiting old friends, and drinking my first ever energy drink, its time to go. YES.
I just had my first every energy drink. A ROCKSTAR Lemonade, non-carbonated. And, when I had a all-nighter with Krys, James and Nathan, I had a.....wait-for-it.....a REDBULL shot AND a ROCKSTAR drink together. It was a very unique experience. Now, for all of those who know me, imagine me, on REDBULL and ROCKSTAR!!!! Oh yeah!!! It was epic!!! Of course, we had to go to bed at 2:30 am, but really???

WHO ACTUALLY GOES TO SLEEP THEN!!!!?????? OF COURSE we stayed awake for like 2 more hours and talked about the typical teenage boy stuff.....and then some!!!

But to end this post on a somber, depressing note, I am still leaving Montana.

I can see the wave of inevitable loneliness closing in fast.

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LillieMay said...

So out of the energy drinks you've sampled... which do you prefer??