Friday, October 29, 2010

Life is A Conveyor Belt

It moves.

Time moves it.

It never speeds up or slows down.

It goes at time's speed.

It stops for no man.

When we are young, we run.

Even from the beginning. As babies, we are always stretching, crawling, and waddling to places beyond our grasp.

We are running. Not knowing where we are going, or who is going to be there? Maybe not even why? Just running. Not realizing. Not understanding.Not seeing what we are missing. Until it's too late.

In our hurry, our rush to get bigger, to "grow up", we miss so much. So how about we stop. Stop running. Stop trying to grow up so fast that we stop taking pleasure in life's little joys. Joys we miss in our haste to "get out of the house".

We must start being content with the present. Understanding, that, whether we like it or not, we can't make time speed up. None of us can. So lets just put the remote down. Stop pressing the fast forward button. And just go with time. Enjoying our life as it is today.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Violation of personal rights?Anything Lady Gaga. Definitely!

..............idk.Anyhoo, long time no post. I have been uber busy. Yes, I said 'uber', judge me! Been totally playing all out at open gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school(i think i have told you before). That is SOOOOOO much fun. And waaay intense. I think I have said that before as well.

And, so yea, I bought a 3rd gen Ipod touch. Played with it for like two weeks, then decided too sell it when i realized I could get a 4th gen(newest gen) with camera and video for not a whole bunch more. So I sold my newly acquired Ipod to some guy named Edgar I think in "The Bronx", New York and now I am either today or tomorrow hopefully going to purchase a 4th gen.

Okay, disturbing note. I was reading a story on Yahoo about a middle eastern man who lives in the US,who went to get his oil changed and noticed an odd wire hanging from the underside of the car. It was a GPS tracker. The FBI had been tracking un-announced to him. Turns out the government doesn't need a warrant or anything to tag you with a GPS tracker and follow your every move. Scary huh? Personally, I think it's a violation of personal rights. And the reason for them tracking this guy, because he happens to be related to someone in Middle east who hangs out with some guys from a terrorist group.



And on the subject of violation of personal rights, you know how the government agencies are capable of tracking every phone conversation in the US at least if not more. Right now legal battles are being fought over whether government agencies like the FBI, NSA, CIA, and such need any permission to listen in(as if they don't do that already,don't know what im talking about, watch opening scenes of the Bourne Ultimatum).

*whew*...there's my 2 cents worth....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'm really trying not to....really....*fail*

Okay, so I know that I have another blog just for the endless list of music videos I'm always putting up....but...........I convinced myself it's okay if I do it once(or maybe more). Cuz, this song gets me right here *points at chest*. It is one of the most beautiful songs Ive ever heard by one of the greatest and most Godly musicians Ive ever heard.

This is "Release Date", by Lecrae.

Friday, October 8, 2010

If better is worse, what is not as good?

What's the next best thing to losing your voice at a skillet concert? Losing it while screaming your heads at yg off at cool cars burnin rubber on the street. Yea, it was aweseome fun! Saw some really sick cars at the Cruise by the Sea down the 101. Epic!

I have started playing in the pick-up bball games on tues and thurs after school. Yea, it's pretty intense! Just playing with a bunch of random guys. I think I do pretty well. It does make me feel short tho.

Now, I will proceed to tell it from both sides of the randy moss, New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings trade.

Patriots: What are you thinking?! Moss WAS your deep ball. He was the one who stretched the field and made it possible for Wes Weller to catch all those in routes. Who are you going to replace him with?! Definitely not some one on the current roster. Who then?! Vincent Jackson? Please! Idiots!

Vikings: Great trade. No downside here. He will help immediately in replacing the injured for the season Sydney Rice as the deep ball and big target security blanket for Brett Farve. Not to mention, no more Revis island. Moss will open it up under for the electric Percy Harvin. Smart trade Vikes!