Friday, October 29, 2010

Life is A Conveyor Belt

It moves.

Time moves it.

It never speeds up or slows down.

It goes at time's speed.

It stops for no man.

When we are young, we run.

Even from the beginning. As babies, we are always stretching, crawling, and waddling to places beyond our grasp.

We are running. Not knowing where we are going, or who is going to be there? Maybe not even why? Just running. Not realizing. Not understanding.Not seeing what we are missing. Until it's too late.

In our hurry, our rush to get bigger, to "grow up", we miss so much. So how about we stop. Stop running. Stop trying to grow up so fast that we stop taking pleasure in life's little joys. Joys we miss in our haste to "get out of the house".

We must start being content with the present. Understanding, that, whether we like it or not, we can't make time speed up. None of us can. So lets just put the remote down. Stop pressing the fast forward button. And just go with time. Enjoying our life as it is today.

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Elizabeth said...

I needed this post, and am so glad that you wrote it, and that I just found it :). You have a new follower!