Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I thank God for you Mr. Veteran. I do a appreciate what you did for us Mr. Veteran. I'm glad that you were willing to put your life on the line for this country Mr. Veteran. How you traveled across the globe, or stayed here and defended our borders. How you sacrificed your wants, likes, and even needs for us Mr. Veteran. How you left you family to go off and fight for us Mr. Veteran...........Mr. Veteran, I thank you!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home of the Corn and Land of the Farmers

Iowa. And Iowa will be my home for roughly the next five-six weeks. Scary i know. We are going to visit my moms side of the family. And while there we also get to go to a Chicago Cubs baseball game.I'm still deciding whether that will actually be no fun or fun. I hope the latter......

AND!!! I SAW Ironman 2 last night.....And i know I know I have said it before, but I'm going to say it again, I am taller then Robert Downey Jr.(hes 5'9, I'm 5'10). But, the movie was great. I really liked the fight scene where Daft Punk start playing OH YEA!!!

And for those of you who saw it, and or are going to see it, WAIT till the very end of the credits. You don't wanna miss the thing at the end. See, that's another thing, see people don't like to wait till the end of the credits, but I do it for every movie i watch and i have been rewarded and seen quite a few extra things at the end.Its worth it....and sometimes the music isn't too bad either....sometimes....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Every Year Same Delayed Reaction

If you asked me 1 month before the end of school, If i wished I was in school, the answer would come with absolutely no hesitation.NO!! But, if you asked me the same question, a month afterward, I would have more trouble giving you the same answer, I probably would, but with much more hesitation. This happens every year. EVERY YEAR!! No exceptions......

See, near the end of the school year, there is nothing more i'd rather do than get out of school. I relish the day i get out of school. When freedom does finally roll around i jump for joy and stay up late. A month later, i almost painfully admit, i mi...i mi...*deep breath*....I miss school. School at its least gives me something to do. It's not that i want school year round...NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. BUT.....Every year, i will admit, that i will want no school in the school year, and then miss it during the summer.....*i can't believe i just said that*

Monday, May 24, 2010

i have a serious dilemma

See, this here blog, my blog......i think it has a problem...I'm not sure what it is exactly.....cuz, if you want the truth...i want more readers....and I'm not sure what to do. See, of the blogs i follow, it seems to me that , the fad right now is dark(er), kinda-emo(ish) blogs are the ones with the most followers.....Blogs that have a dark, darker side...blogs that can talk about, i wanna say emo but not really, stuff like i don't know....things i just CANT SEEM to talk about...i can't...i just can't..
I'm too freaking not -dark for my own good. I mean,I have a dark side..its just not as dark as others...everyone has a dark side. Take for example Aaron, aarons got a blog, HE NEVER(RARELY) POSTS...and he's got as many followers as i do...18 to be, i don't know...I'm not sure....the poll is about this post...check it out if you want..........

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IM DONE!!!DONE!!!DONE!!!DONE!!!!DONE!!!DONE!!!DONE!!!!DONE!!!DONE!!!DONE!!!DONE!!...................with school

I have survived yet ANOTHER year of highschool...praise to the God above!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

my diary of jane

Okay, so......I have stubled over this cool band called Breaking Benjamin. I've listened to some of their songs, and I like most of what i hear....And i was surfin thru some vids and I came across THIS!!!! no, not spaces....some videos of them doing an acoustic concert....AWESOME!!!! So...I've decided to show one of the vids here....I had three songs to choose from, Diary of Jane, I Will Not Bow, and Breath(all of them form the acoustic set...but, in the end i could only chose one so i chose Diary of Jane...its pretty cool...

If you want to see the other two, they are on my other blog....

Monday, May 17, 2010

the doctor is out...

The video game doctor that is....cuz, my PS2 is not working, so because there is no GameStop in town(by far the best game store EVER) i have to settle for some local store and they didn't even have what I was looking for....I'm depressed..Ah ,well....Life without video games go on.Now, I'm not a vid game addict, i mean, i can live without them, but every now and then I like to exercise my fingers...nothing wrong with a little finger exercise. A L L E R G I E S!!!

ARE HERE! My little bro john has them BAD!!!

And, one of the little brackets that gets glued on my teeth came off, so i am going to the dentist so he can glue it back on.....And then yet another one broke off today. I tell you what i am a braces destroyer....good grief...and I'm in my final two days of school..YAY!!!...But, all in favor of school ending the first day of May say I!!!!..............EYE!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010


.............*gasps*wheezes*...I'm outa breath...well, my finals are this week and next week...i think i already posted about this...oh well. ITS THE END OF SLAVERY AND THE BEGINNING OF FREEDOM!!!...oh wait...i was thinking of when Obama leaves bad*slaps forehead*..

im dead, i died, i died, i dead........NOT...still here...sorry to disappoint....But, i tell you what..i did GREAT on my American Literature finals and essay exam...YEA!!!......soo..pray for me....i shall need it!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

100th post...well ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!

Sorry about not posting in a while, I've been X-tremely busy as of lately studying for finals and junk. This is my last week of school....YAY!!! *jumps and giggles with excitement*...I'm so close i can taste it, or that lunch, hmmm..idk..with braces, food gets stuck EVERYWHERE in your mouth. Its pretty
But, my teeth are quite straight now, but not that straight. And, is it me, or does math ALWAYS seem to get harder at the end of the year?!?! Well, it is for me anyway.......

Not that anyone cares, BUT this is my 100th post on the blog! *listens for the non-existent cheering*...It has taken me quite a while to reach this point, but, I have indeed reached it now!

And, lastly, in glazing over previous posts, I have come to the conclusion that my spelling and grammar could use an upgrade, soooo, as of this post, I will be editing my posts more closely in the future! :)......TTFN, TATA FOR NOW!!!