Monday, May 10, 2010

100th post...well ITS ABOUT TIME!!!!

Sorry about not posting in a while, I've been X-tremely busy as of lately studying for finals and junk. This is my last week of school....YAY!!! *jumps and giggles with excitement*...I'm so close i can taste it, or that lunch, hmmm..idk..with braces, food gets stuck EVERYWHERE in your mouth. Its pretty
But, my teeth are quite straight now, but not that straight. And, is it me, or does math ALWAYS seem to get harder at the end of the year?!?! Well, it is for me anyway.......

Not that anyone cares, BUT this is my 100th post on the blog! *listens for the non-existent cheering*...It has taken me quite a while to reach this point, but, I have indeed reached it now!

And, lastly, in glazing over previous posts, I have come to the conclusion that my spelling and grammar could use an upgrade, soooo, as of this post, I will be editing my posts more closely in the future! :)......TTFN, TATA FOR NOW!!!