Monday, May 17, 2010

the doctor is out...

The video game doctor that is....cuz, my PS2 is not working, so because there is no GameStop in town(by far the best game store EVER) i have to settle for some local store and they didn't even have what I was looking for....I'm depressed..Ah ,well....Life without video games go on.Now, I'm not a vid game addict, i mean, i can live without them, but every now and then I like to exercise my fingers...nothing wrong with a little finger exercise. A L L E R G I E S!!!

ARE HERE! My little bro john has them BAD!!!

And, one of the little brackets that gets glued on my teeth came off, so i am going to the dentist so he can glue it back on.....And then yet another one broke off today. I tell you what i am a braces destroyer....good grief...and I'm in my final two days of school..YAY!!!...But, all in favor of school ending the first day of May say I!!!!..............EYE!!!

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