Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Every Year Same Delayed Reaction

If you asked me 1 month before the end of school, If i wished I was in school, the answer would come with absolutely no hesitation.NO!! But, if you asked me the same question, a month afterward, I would have more trouble giving you the same answer, I probably would, but with much more hesitation. This happens every year. EVERY YEAR!! No exceptions......

See, near the end of the school year, there is nothing more i'd rather do than get out of school. I relish the day i get out of school. When freedom does finally roll around i jump for joy and stay up late. A month later, i almost painfully admit, i mi...i mi...*deep breath*....I miss school. School at its least gives me something to do. It's not that i want school year round...NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS. BUT.....Every year, i will admit, that i will want no school in the school year, and then miss it during the summer.....*i can't believe i just said that*

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