Saturday, January 30, 2010

fighting friends with friends.....and i'm losing

Its not working. I am trying to get over friends by making new friends and its not working. Meeting new people just makes me miss my old peoples all the more. As I walk amongst, I start matching new faces to faces of the past. This person looks like this person, or this person like that person. New faces just remind me of the old ones.
But in a way its comforting, kinda like their really not that far away....haha...what is Facebook for anyway....but, i mean, i keep calling this one person Travis, but his name isn't Travis....anyway, i have been going to this youth group that's well, okay...i guess....oh well, relief comes with time.........i hope......

Friday, January 29, 2010

pro bowl, no bowl

ya'know...this years football Pro Bowl will be a letdown. Because some idiot decided that it should be played one week before the Super Bowl. When it is scheduled there, that automatically means that any prowl bowl players from the two teams in the super bowl wont play, it means player from teams who just lost in the playoff won't wanna play, I mean c'mon. Having it in Miami i understand, but the week before the super bowl, that's just dumb.

This year alone, there were over 20 players who declined to play in the pro bowl. That's 20 big name stars fans want to see but wont get too. At the quarterback position, only 1 of the originally asked six will be in the pro bowl, and in some places, players were the third of fourth selection.....instead of making the pro bowl better, you made it worse...I mean Yeramiah Bell of the Dolphins is there, and David Garrard of the Jaguars, COME ON!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

on air

Well, after 4 months of debating whether to try, then 4 weeks of waiting. I am officially on the radio. I submitted my proposal of a show on our community radio station here in town, and they,(the Radio Board Council) accepted my proposal.....soooooo, this upcoming week we'll discuss days and times, and then ....I'll be ON AIR!!!!!!

So, I am like really excited about this opputunity, because it will give me experience being on the radio, which is what i want to do.....haha sounds funny, but when i grow up, i would like to be a radio announcer for sports, or someone who talks about sports on the radio, like for example, ESPN radio, ya know, something like that........i will post my times and days when I find them out.....

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

same teachers...always

yes....funny as it sounds...i recently was doing school(who could've guessed)...and i realized that one of the teachers I had last semester was not teaching this semester, even tho the same class was still going....funny how it took me three weeks to figure this out. And i was sad that the old teacher was gone, even tho i had only known her for one semester....that's just me, i am easily attached too things.

And it always takes me a long time to get over the teachers from the previous year of school...sad i know...

And then, when i do get attached to something, its hard for me to let go....Let go, gotta let go, let singing again, i seem to have this habit of breaking into the song i start thinking of...and i stink at singing..i pity the innocent bystanders....

Saturday, January 23, 2010

this is just wow....

and i thought the original version was good...this accoustic version of Fireflights song, Standup is just beautiful. I heard this on, where else, facebook, and i thought, i have GOT to post it....yes, me think even you non-rockers will like this...oh, and i give Avatar 3-D, 3.5 stars our of 5 was okay, i wouldnt' buy it, but the 3-D was kinda cool, i guess....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

eli, tickled my funny bone i was reading the joke section in Readers Digest, and most of the time the jokes are pretty good, but this one really tickled my funny bone.....

After reading up on the fine points of ice fishing, a young woman heads onto the ice.Just as she is about drill her first hole, a booming voice from above bellows, "There are no fish under the ice!"
The woman is startled, but she keeps drilling.
Again the voice thunders, "There are no fish under the ice!"
Now the woman is shaking visibly.But she takes a deep breath, and just as she's about to cut a new hole-
"There are no fish under the ice!"
The frightened woman looks skyward and asks, "Is that you, Lord"
"No, this is the manager of the skating rink"

Oh, and by the way.....I LOVE THE.........BOOK OF ELI!!!!!!!!! THAT IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES I HAVE SEEN IN TWO YEARS!!!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010


my cd finally came today.I ordered it on the 3rd of January from Amazon and the estimated arrival was anywhere from the 8th to the 26th...thankfully, it came on the was killing me running to the mail and not seeing it.....oh, my poor nerves could only take soo much.....but oh joy, its here...oh, and I saw Sherlock Holmes in theaters last night, great bad scenes and no really bad language, and Robert Downey Jr. didn't do a half bad job, portraying Sherlock.....shnazzzy....

Monday, January 11, 2010


To all of you who don't know already, Sarah Palin has joined Fox News in a multi-year contract.To me, I'm not sure whether to be glad or sad, as I don't know whether this will prevent her from running for prez in 2012 as so many people want her to......i want her we can get a REAL president in there............oh yeah, i totally urge ALL of you to buy either Sarah Palins book, Going Rogue, or Glenn Beck's book, Arguing with Idiots....personally i prefer Arguing With Idiots, but they're both good....
Here is part 2 from Sarah Palin's interview with Bill O'Reilly...i really like her answers to almost every question... November 20,2009

Saturday, January 2, 2010

... . . . ...

Can you believe it....! 2010.....WoW....thank goodness...i can't believe it....anyhoo, this year for me at least has been quite a depressing letdown....i really am at a loss of words trying to describe this far, all the people i have met have done very little to fill the gap left by others..........
but i am trying to keep my sunny, positive outlook going....ha...but my sun is being drowned out by clouds...ANYWAY..(whoa,random yell there..scary)....
i have made one New Years Eve resolution, this year i will give my best effort to keep my sugar intake too a bare far so *waves*