Saturday, January 30, 2010

fighting friends with friends.....and i'm losing

Its not working. I am trying to get over friends by making new friends and its not working. Meeting new people just makes me miss my old peoples all the more. As I walk amongst, I start matching new faces to faces of the past. This person looks like this person, or this person like that person. New faces just remind me of the old ones.
But in a way its comforting, kinda like their really not that far away....haha...what is Facebook for anyway....but, i mean, i keep calling this one person Travis, but his name isn't Travis....anyway, i have been going to this youth group that's well, okay...i guess....oh well, relief comes with time.........i hope......


Muse of Randomness said...

Missing your friends is a good thing, makes sure you never forget them. Although I bet it does get really lonesome. I've never really had much of the experience... When I switched schools, some of my friends were there with me. 'Fraid I'm not much help here.

Don't worry too much about it. *huggles.* As you said, relief should come with time.

Frizz said...

When we moved to Mt from San Diego it took me a while to "get over" all my old friends. Relief does come with time, but you do never forget them. They will always be your friends even if you haven’t heard from them in years, and will think of them or see them in people at the strangest times.