Friday, January 29, 2010

pro bowl, no bowl

ya'know...this years football Pro Bowl will be a letdown. Because some idiot decided that it should be played one week before the Super Bowl. When it is scheduled there, that automatically means that any prowl bowl players from the two teams in the super bowl wont play, it means player from teams who just lost in the playoff won't wanna play, I mean c'mon. Having it in Miami i understand, but the week before the super bowl, that's just dumb.

This year alone, there were over 20 players who declined to play in the pro bowl. That's 20 big name stars fans want to see but wont get too. At the quarterback position, only 1 of the originally asked six will be in the pro bowl, and in some places, players were the third of fourth selection.....instead of making the pro bowl better, you made it worse...I mean Yeramiah Bell of the Dolphins is there, and David Garrard of the Jaguars, COME ON!!!

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