Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Man....I just LOVE spring break.....There's nothing like a week off of school to refresh you.ANYHOO......I got my bottom row of braces on, so now I have a mouth full of metal, so my new nickname should be......"M&M"....which stands for "Metal Mouth"..........okay, maybe not....yea, so Monday and Tuesday I have been working over at my youth pastors house digging ditches with picks.....very hard...all day....and now i feel like i wont be able to get back up the next time i lean over.....
oh.....and i almost forgot......My braces are alternating PINK and BLUE!!!....sooo.....yea...I just fell like doing something......My mom says my hair looks like Salt and Pepper, cuz I recently cut it and now only the tips are blond.......funny.....much to my surpirse I have had several people tell me they LIKE my hair blonde.....Go figure....

Friday, March 26, 2010


If you find that somone is commenting on your blog in an asian language, and those comments are followed by a long line of underlined dots.BEWARE!! Delete those comments as soon as you can! For the comments are spam, and those dots are links to PORN SITES!!!!. Delete those comments immeidiately!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Calendar,The Energy(If This Is You,Then Woe Is Me)

Okay, so Im looking for some cool music videos.....and I happened to chance upon this..."Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes". Now Matthew Thiessen is the lead singer of Relient k, so I'm figuring this is a little side project of his and so far he has three songs. All three of which you can get buy buying "My Other Band Vol 1"...a cd off Amazon which is a compilation of different songs from guys who have other bands and are doing little side projects....
Sooooooooooo....all that being said...I chose this song to put on the blog...Don't worry all you non-rockers, its acoustic, AND, you might even like it(prolly not)...but, as usual, I encourage everyone to listen to it.....This is..."The Calendar, The Energy(If this is you, Then Woe is Me) by Matthew Thiessen and the Earthquakes...!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Its not mine anymore, its theirs now.......

............I knew this would happen, and it did. See, as of yesterday, for MY show, i would make my playlist for the show from the music i listen(all christian, no exceptions) to, the night before the show...BUT NOW....As of 30 minutes ago, I must show my dad all my playlists so he can go over them, and make he sure he is okay with them.....Which could mean I'll be playing hymns from now on(prolly not but you never know)....So, now, its no longer my show, its my parents show, its THEIR show...
So now, I am seriously debating whether or not I want to continue the show or not....I knew this would happen eventually, I just knew it......Oh, I am cutting my hair today, so only the tips will be blonde now....nothing lasts long...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First flip-flops of the year!!!....and sunburn...

Oh yeah, first flip-flops of the year baby!!!....You know warm weather has arrived when you break out the flip-flops...haha...I actually didn't like flip-flops until last year...but now...*evil laugh*..i can't get enough of easy...too... I prefer blue, but there were no blue ones i liked, so i got black ones...still good tho...
OH!!!.....I almost forgot...I struck gold a garage sale(typical)....Bill Cosby Vinyl Records.....Oh YEAH!!!...Totally epic!...Now, if you want funny, look no further than Bill Cosby...well, okay, him and Robin Williams...but Bill is SOOO funny...the Cosby Show was a classic...AAAANNNDDD...if we are on the subject of funny sitcoms...the funniest sitcom I have EVER watched is....."The Fresh Prince of Bel-air'.....starring the talented Will Smith(who was very young at the time).....No other sitcom has me laughing so much most of the time....AND!!..if that weren't enough...I got my first sunburn of the year!!!....oh joy.....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Yo! need to get with this...!

"I think the best way of doing good to the poor is not making them easy in poverty but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth, I traveled much, I observed in different countries that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they did for themselves and of course became poorer. And on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves and became richer"

Benjamin Franklin
November 27-29

i love my job....well, its not really a job...but who cares..!?

It is a job, I'm just not getting paid to do it, but its still a job. Well, yesterdays show went quite well, even my youth pastor(who hates rock) listened in, scary.. I am still in the midst of trying to expand my band base, I don't think I have enough bands....but, I'm always looking for new bands so whats new?

OH! Last night I saw 'Green Zone' featuring Matt Damon, it was a BOMB(means it was great).Matt Damon played a captain soldier in Iraq who finds some inconsistencies in the intelligence they are getting and and eventually finds a conspiracy. It had plenty of action, was very detailed, and I thought Matt Damon did a fantastic acting job. 'Green Zone' is actually from the creators of the 'Jason Bourne' series(which are awesome)...The movie was set in Iraq, mainly in Baghdad, which i thought was cool, and as for not-so-good stuff, there were no sexual scenes, and because it was a war movie, it had its fair share of language, a few f-bombs too. It is rated R, oh, about that, funny, thing happened....

Okay, so like in our newspaper, the two theaters in town tell you what they have playing that day, the times its showing, and what its rated, well, I was looking up Green Zone and the theater we were going to said it was rated pg-13, but the other theater said it was R. So I called the theater and it still said it was pg-13. BUT, when we showed up, the sign said R! Go figure, I told my friend that the theater had better get their act together, they couldn't even get their rating straight....

Yea, I almost forgot, I also saw 'Public Enemies' a couple of days ago, we rented it, and i thought it was the best acting job by Johnny Depp that I had ever seen. It also had Christian Bale in it who did very nicely. Depp played a bank robber during the great depression and Bale played the cob chasing him. It was rated R but I'm not really sure what for, it did have one sexual scene which one can ignore with the fast-forward button, but other than that, the language was very minimal, the violence was not bloody, Ive seen pg-13 movies with more blood....So, yea.......i Love movies...And the movie now Number 1 on my list of movies to see is 'Robin Hood' featuring Russel Crowe from the creators of ', I can't think of a good ending so I think I'll just leave it like this

Monday, March 15, 2010

I was that good or bad...hmmm?

1.Choose any amount of friends, blog friends or real life friends, and say at least two things(Or more!) you admire or like about them.
2. Tag the friends that you wrote about.
3.If those friends have blogs, make sure to link to them!

Okay, I choose...................................Aaron,Lilliemay, AND...Syreena(if she ever sees this)...

1.Aaron: You and me are sooooo alike its not even funny....haha...anyway. I like how you ARE like me, that I'm not as alone as I thought.I like that you are NOT reserved and are very, very funny(and crazy).....I like you for who you are(despite you insanity). I enjoy that we like a lot of the same stuff. I think you are loyal and stick by your friends...and we are BFF'S!!!!!

2.Lilliemay: I just wish I had known you sooner. I like that your are kind and very thoughtful. I love that you are quick to cheer someone up when they are down.And I like your contagious sure this list will grow as time goes by....

3. Syreena: I love your upbeat(most of the time) personality. You are caring, and do your best to help you friends in whatever. I like how you are ALWAYS laughing...You are never mean to any of your friends, and you are quick to look past their faults and mistakes...OH!..I love your taste of style in beanies....I love your you are almost always smiling...and you understand...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

irritated,lonely,blonde, NOT a good combination

..I tell you what, I have forgotten how hard it is to become comfortable with a group of people. Its hard. Even for someone like me who can pretty much talk to anyone about anything.....Its hard......and I go nothing....xcept God...thats gotta count for something huh?......

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well, my little brother John is four years old today....We went to the John Deere store and sat in the big tractors...I swear that kid as a John Deere addict...yummy cake....He had a blast...

Oh, yeah, well, i finished my hair a couple days ago. I am officially is a pic to prove it..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Google scares where's my Ixquick!

I'm not using Google ever again.....if I can help it. I was watching a special on tv the other night and it was called, Inside the Mind of Google. So, my mom and I were watching it and it turns out that whenever you search something on Google, Google saves that search in its database. This means that Google has every word,phrase, or question ever searched in its database. AND if that weren't enough, along with every thing you search, Google records (and saves) your IP address.

For all of those who don't know, your IP address is: " an unique address that computing devices(computers) use to identify itself and communicate with other devices in the Internet Protocol network. Any device connected to the IP network must have an unique IP address within its network. An IP address is analogous(comparable) to a street address or telephone number in that it is used to uniquely identify a network device(your computer) to deliver mail message, or call ("view") a website."

So, everything you have ever searched on Google can be looked up and traced right to you. They could possibly find out where you live. That is scary. Someone could find out a lot about most of us just by looking in Google's records. And if you use G-mail, they have access to all your personal e-mails, contacts, and whatever else happens to be there.Scary. That's a lot of personal info.Scary. Especially if someone wants the info for less then pleasant reasons. Or, the government could just take all of Googles records and find out who you are and stuff without your permission. Kinda like phone-tapping your calls without your permission.Scary(i think ya'll get the picture).....sooo.....

All that being said, I have stopped using Google, and I am now using Ixquick neither records your searches nor your IP address....It even says right on Ixquick's homepage, that they are they most private search engine on the internet. And don't worry, I have tested out Ixquick, and they have enough if not as much information and stuff as Google. But if Ixquick has more of something than Google, its privacy.

I recommend .Use it instead of Google.Please?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mess of Me!!!

Here it is. I have found it. Switchfoot's new song Mess of Me.....beware, you non-rockers, this rockin for god......oh, wow *giggles*....*jumpy-giggly-happy-giggly*...ooohh..i like this song..

Sunday, March 7, 2010

random things

Okay, so last night we rented this movie called State of a movie! It has Russel Crowe and Ben Affleck in it. It was a great movie!....suspense, drama, no sex scenes, a little language(some, but not a lot)...not as much action as I would have liked but hey, i won't was great, keeps you on the edge of your seat....(or at least it did me)....I recommend it to everyone and anyone(who cares)...Russel Crowes plays a reported who, when digging into a murder case, discovers a conspiracy.....I gave the movie a A-...really good....

Lonely: 1.affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome.

2.destitute of sympathetic or friendly companionship, intercourse, support, etc.: a lonely exile.

3.lone; solitary; without company; companionless.

4.remote from places of human habitation; desolate; unfrequented; bleak: a lonely road.

5.standing apart; isolated: a lonely tower

Thursday, March 4, 2010

numbers....swarming...head spinning...drowing...math

1. Decide if the given ordered triple is a solution of the following system of equations: (-2,-3,-4)

2x - 2y + 3z = -10
3x + 4y +4z = -34
x + y - 5z = -25

Now, this may or may not look complicated to you, depending on how far along in school you are or got, but to me, its not really that complicated..its just SOOO time-consuming. I mean that right there is the main reason I dislike math, not because its hard or has too many numbers, but just because its long and time-consuming...math takes forever...But, im sure for some people math is really east and doesn't take long....
Im just not one of those peoples.....