Thursday, May 21, 2009


I MISS YOU GUYS SO crazy much. It has been really bad down here without you. I don't think i will ever find a Youth Group i like. I Miss...Krys, you and all your bad jokes(and Mexico hugs, tho, i don't miss those that bad really) and NO, i have not found a HB yet but i am still looking. Kryssie, your quiet friendship. Aaron, I miss having a person around soo like me, yet so different.Samuel, you and your never ending HB teasing(and Mexico hugs).James, i miss you being there, always bringing me back to earth from..well, wherever i was.Peter, playing b-ball against you was awesome.Barton brothers, LIVE LONG and PROSPER.Dale, your friendship,your teaching, and our discussions about football.Austin, it is a pity i didn't know you earlier.Nathan, and all his..umm..nathanness.the Hemingway bro's, i was never board with you guys around.Jamel,i was never board around you either.Hobbit, our good(and not so good) discussions, and your really long words. and anyone else i forgot to mention, don't worry , I miss you too.

Top Five Things I Hate about California

1. The weather...OMG is it soooo hot down here, i think we have already broken the 98 degree mark

2.Weeds...there are weeds everywhere, you name it we got it, thorns, the whole nine yards

3. Population...c'mon people, there are people everywhere, it's ridiculous, it makes me feel claustrophobic, and with people come gangs, weirdo's, creeps,serial killers, and just plain scary people.'s crazy down here, you can't pick your nose without having to pay money or get get a permit or something crazy.

5.It's not Montana..i know, i know, this last one is kinda lame, but hey, i just miss montana a LOT right now.

These are not in any paticular order, but, if i had to pick my least fav thing about would probably be the extreme population...i mean c''s sooooo unsanitary