Monday, August 24, 2009

Something else...

Can you do this?? Take a bottle of salsa in one hand, and a hot dog(straight from the package)in the other. Now, take a swig from the salsa jug, then without swallowing, take a bite of the hot dog. Now, proceed to chew.

What was the feeling you got from reading this post???Did your morale go up????Has it caused you to stop and think to yourself, my life is boring?????

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I will continue to dislike snakes!!

Yesterday, we received quite a scare. My dog, Buck(you have seen pics. of him before here), was nosing around by the pond on the property and met something unexpected. My mom, sis,bro, and grandpa were down by the pond with Buck, when they saw him jump back out of some tall weeds, while yelping VERY loudly multiple times.When they saw him, he had two puncture wounds(Small holes) in his nose. In the 60 sec walk from the pond to our trailer, his the area between his eyes and his nose was starting to swell. In fifteen minutes that area was puffed up and the rest of his face was swelling as well.IN twenty min. his face had swollen a lot, by the 35. min mark he was VERY lethargic,did NOT want to move at all, very very mild(he was a completely different dog) his eyes basically closed because of swelling, and he looked like this(picture).....
Now, fortunately, we were able to take him to the vet. where they gave him some shots to get the swelling down, and some medicine to help him out. Of course, we did not get anti-venom because he didn't need it, and because it cast 600 dollars to get anti-venom for him. Thankfully, the shots helped, he is doing a lot better, and the swelling has gone down extremely. God answered out prayers.
p.s. i will have and audio of me on the radio here in a couple of days.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I WAS ON THE RADIO!!!!!! was AWESOME. Remember , i just recently posted about me possibly being on the radio. Well today, at about 7;30 this morning, I went to KRBS(name of radio station) and helped Andre(sports guy) gather stories then went on air with him and did the sports section, which lasted about 15 minutes. It was awesome. I was kinda nervous at first but, i felt great by the end. And i tell you what, it is addicting, you do it once, you want to do it again and again. And if that wasn't cool enough, I get to do it two times a week on Tuesday and Thursday. He said i could do it every day, but i run the other three week days in the morning, and it would be too much gas spent on one thing. I am very excited, i can't wait to do it again.

OH, and 1 more thing, this is my 50th post....YEA....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Absolutely Ridiculous!!!

Okay, here is one of the many problems with teens today(some of my friends have heard me talk about this before). Lets say for example you, whether boy or girl, become friends with someone of the opposite sex. And you begin to hang out with them, not a lot, just more than you used to while not being friends. Here is the problem. I think that there is an invisible time-line(limit, whatever you want to call it) when it comes hanging out with the opposite sex, that has been created by teens. I think that when you cross that line, they automatically think you like that person.That is where the problem arises. So what if you hang out with a friend of the opposite sex a lot. So what. That does not mean you" like " them.And that is what teens assume. As soon as you start spending too much time(in other peoples eyes) together with that other person, people start teasing you about whether you "like " that person. In some cases you may " like " that person, but in most cases, i believe that not to be that case.

I mean, this sort of thing just annoys the heck out of me. I have experienced this multiple times. I make a friend, one of the opposite sex, we hang out. Then after not too long, my other friends started saying i liked her, and that was not the case. We were just friends.But, anyhoo, more too come on my theories about problems with teenagers.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Flash News Alert!!!

My sister got her first big "boo-boo" today about an 2 hours ago. Me, my mom, my bro and sis were at a school playground playing. It was time to go, so my mom says my siblings can have one more go at the slide. Jaclyn instantly starts running to go up the stairs of the play structure to go one last time. But, as Jaclyn was coming to the top, she tripped and wacked her forehead right were on the corner of the top step. WHAM. She starts crying, this time louder than usual. As i am walking over to her to see what was wrong, she looks up and blood is gushing from her forehead. Now, any injury to the head will cause more blood loss than usual. Because of all the blood, we could not tell how big the cut was.

Now, it just so happens that there was a Fire Department building right across the road. mom grabs Jaclyn and hurries over there as fast as she dared. Fortunately, there were two firemen there and they quickly attended to Jaclyn. Jaclyn, after the initial crying was very quiet and calm(probably helped that my mom was also very composed). After a few minutes, the firemen determined that the cut was not deep enough nor big enough to require any stitches or anything like that. After about 15 min-20 min. we decided not to go to the hospital(it was a head wound), and just to go home. After we got there i took some pics. and Jaclyn even smiled a bit.
The pic. on the top left, the little dark spot on her forehead is the cut. the people in the pic. top right, are my grandma,mom,and Jaclyn,that red stuff on my mom's arm is NOT juice(what do you think it is), and then Jaclyn is looking in the mirror.

This is SOOOOO cool!!!

See...i want to be a sports radio broadcaster. Mainly for three reasons, i like to talk(as you all know) and i like sports and to talk about sports. Sooo... my mom found out about this small radio station in Oroville called KRBS. They allow people to come and take a look around, well my mom was able to get me there to meet with the guy who does the sports news and regular news for the station. Well, the guy(Andrew P.) is going to let me come(any day of the week) to the station and help him gather up stories for the news(sports & non-sports), and has even offered to let me do the news(live-on-air) occasionally for the station.
All-in-all in i am pretty excited about this opportunity.Andrew seemed like a nice guy and was very encouraging about getting started at an early age. Oh, and the weather has been very nice recently, staying relatively low and even in the 80'3 and 70's during the day, so that is nice. Anyhoo, TTYL.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


That is a really creeepy movie.The movie 'Knowing' is what i like to call ''cc''(creepy and cool).I mean, it's one of those suspense movies that can keep you on the edge of your seat, not in a horror way but in just a creepy way, a could-be-scary-to-some-people-way.I recommend it to only people who are not afraid of that dark...well at least not a lot.(that being said, I am waaaay afraid of the dark)

And one of my fav actors stars in it,Nicholas Cage( most recently from National Treasure 1 & 2). If you are not really into end of the world stuff, this movie might not be for you, but then again, it's all relative. I mean for example, to me the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a waste of time, and it would scare me stiff, on the other hand, some people love horror movies like that( if you like horror movies,you should be admitted).

I am sorry i do not have pics of Creation up yet, I have a video that will be up ASAP.