Saturday, August 1, 2009


That is a really creeepy movie.The movie 'Knowing' is what i like to call ''cc''(creepy and cool).I mean, it's one of those suspense movies that can keep you on the edge of your seat, not in a horror way but in just a creepy way, a could-be-scary-to-some-people-way.I recommend it to only people who are not afraid of that dark...well at least not a lot.(that being said, I am waaaay afraid of the dark)

And one of my fav actors stars in it,Nicholas Cage( most recently from National Treasure 1 & 2). If you are not really into end of the world stuff, this movie might not be for you, but then again, it's all relative. I mean for example, to me the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a waste of time, and it would scare me stiff, on the other hand, some people love horror movies like that( if you like horror movies,you should be admitted).

I am sorry i do not have pics of Creation up yet, I have a video that will be up ASAP.


Done by yours truely said...

Never seen it.

Raja-Man said...

well, you should...there is nothing bad in it accept language...and there is not even a lot of that!!

Hobbit said...

Well I personally did not think it was that great a movie. It was a little bit enjoyable to watch but it ticked me off cause it like totally used the bible in it and messed up the view of how the world was gonna end in scripture. After seeing it in theaters I was like I want my 8 bucks back.

Raja-Man said...

c'mon..i wasn't that bad was it.... except for having a very creepy beginning