Monday, June 28, 2010

heading home but not home for reals

We are leaving iowa in two days(its about TIME) and going home(whatever) only to be there for three days to go to the C-Oregon border, or a town there-a-bouts. Exciting right? Well, only if you are one who wants to move yet AGAIN to Crescent City, CA, or as I call it Nowheresville, CA.(im in Nowheresvile, Iowa right now). BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT............!

There IS a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel, we will ( unless something un-expected happens) be visiting MT in late July. EPICNESS!!!

Sorry bout not postin much, one can only go to the library so much. Post output should increase more once out of Iowa, the Tornado capital of the FREAKIN world!!!!! I dare say we have had tornado warnings 90% of the nights we have been here in Iowa.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


well, i have some news. To some it may be cool news, to some good news, to some bad news and to some, THEY DON'T CARE!! Soooooooooo the news is...........wait for it..........the Book of Eli has come out TODAY on dvd!! I did see at theaters but I am still TOTALLY PUMPED to rent it and watch it again

So i tried very hard to post yesterday, see yesterday i was on an Ipad and posted a status on FB but it wouldn't let me post on my blog. Kinda aggravating, cuz I really wanted to make you think I had an Ipad get ya'll jealous and stuff....oh, epic fail!
Posts will continue at a more random, spaced non-schedule than usual do to no internet still in Iowa.....TTFN!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

no internet and nuttin(im gettin nuttin for christman,cuz i ain't been nuttin but bad) to do

As I write this I am sitting in a library at a computer useing a nasty, feeling keyboard. its gross i know.I'm deeply, very, X-tremely sorry about the 8 day gap between posts. I'm in Iowa, at my grandma's with no......*wait for it*.....INTERNET!!!! I know!! My life is horrible! Ah well, the world keeps spinning and so does my head. So, my moms b-day was a while back, I got her Mercyme's newest cd "The Generous Mr. Lovewll", Great cd!! "All of Creation" is the best worship song EVER! Period! NO discussion!

ITS HERE!!! Or it will be tomorrow. TOY STORY 3!!! Now, i wouldn't give a single, little thought to this movie if it didn't have the same actors doing the voices but it DOES!! Tom Hanks and Tim Allen among others. And I am NOT ashamed in the least to say i LOVE this series and I can't wait to see it. We will be taking the whole fam( - dad) to see the movie in theaters...oh yea! There is nothing like seeing a movie at the theaters, and to quote Ben Stiller, " Its FREAKIN AWESOME!!" guess the movie that quote came from when commenting on this post. A little random i know, but hey, RANDOMNESS IS AWESOME!!(that was for you kryssie)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If I were a girl.....

...........I would TOTALLY have a crush on Russel Crowe. That dude is a MAN!!! And manly man at that. He has a beautiful mind,and he's a daring, lucky sea-captain, a gladiator and commander of roman armies, and Robin Hood to boot!!!

That being said, as you may have guessed I am somewhat of a Russel Crowe fan and today I saw Robin Hood for the first time. We gave the movie a B+. Good storyline, better acting, and a great ending. Other than Robin Hood my favorite characters are "Little" John and Friar Took. I have a tendency to favor the the co-stars just as much as the main stars. OH! And I saw the previews for some good movies, including one called "The Sorcerers Apprentice", starring Nicholas Cage which usually makes it good and Jerry Bruckheimer as the director, which always makes it a great movie...

Presently I'm in Denver and will be finishing our trip to Iowa tomorrow....