Monday, May 24, 2010

i have a serious dilemma

See, this here blog, my blog......i think it has a problem...I'm not sure what it is exactly.....cuz, if you want the truth...i want more readers....and I'm not sure what to do. See, of the blogs i follow, it seems to me that , the fad right now is dark(er), kinda-emo(ish) blogs are the ones with the most followers.....Blogs that have a dark, darker side...blogs that can talk about, i wanna say emo but not really, stuff like i don't know....things i just CANT SEEM to talk about...i can't...i just can't..
I'm too freaking not -dark for my own good. I mean,I have a dark side..its just not as dark as others...everyone has a dark side. Take for example Aaron, aarons got a blog, HE NEVER(RARELY) POSTS...and he's got as many followers as i do...18 to be, i don't know...I'm not sure....the poll is about this post...check it out if you want..........


Sorella said...

I don't think you need to sell out and become emo in order to get readers. The emo people follow the emo blogs, but then there is the rest of us which follow normal blogs :P.

I love artistic and creative blogs, blogs with loads of inspiring pictures, people who have a personal and unique style and know how to take good photographs.

I think your blog seems ok at a quick first glance. I can see that you have a sort of witty way of writing which can be quite interesting. Your blog doesn't look very professional though. And the date stamp on the picture in your header really puts me off. The background is a bit too busy as well. Look at some of your favourite blogs and look at how they are structured etc and take some hints. Explore blogs from different parts of the world regarding different subjects and maybe that will give you an idea.

Otherwise I can only tell you; write, write, write. Being active gets you writers, posting once or twice a month will not.


Frizz said...

I don't think only emo blogs have lots of followers. For exsample many fashion blogs have hundreds, and so do photography ones. It seems like blogs that stick to one subject, do like a daily journal, or have lots of pictures. People like pictures.
Also like life, you need to have friends in high places. People don't just randomly stumble upon your blog (or not very often). Comment on popular blogs, if you are like most people you click on profiles that look interesting.
So that is my advise (coming from the person with 19 followers).

Nihil said...

Hrm. Well, here's the thing. I didn't "sell out" to being emo--I just wrote what was on my mind. That's sometimes a good idea. I write about personal things just because I don't mind. Since I've known you you've always been a little more reserved--I've always been more rebellious and unconstrained. Besides, in a way, the Internet is my way of getting my feelings out. In real life I wouldn't know how to say the things I write.

Your blog is really good, and fun to follow. You really do have a charming internet "voice," but I think it would be improved with a little more professionalism, as Sorella said. By professionalism I don't mean serious or even a writing style change, but maybe a little more easy to read spelling and a new picture. It's always fun to change things up sometimes. I don't even know why I have 18 followers, haha. I post like once every 8 months.

Muse of Randomness said...

I.... Would hope I'm not emo. :/ I just find myself really insecure and depressive lately. Which isn't even around the time I acquired followers. Mucho apologies.

Background pic... I like your blog, you're a bit quirky. :3 I can definitely agree with talking to people from different blogs (that appeal to you! Not random!), if you read them they might just return the favor. Spelllling. This drives Andrea insane.

I think those are two biggies right there. At least from my humble point of view.

Raja-Man said...

aaron...whats with the new name?

Nihil said...

I just felt like changing a bunch of stuff up.