Friday, July 1, 2011

So when life throws a curveball, what do you do?

You charge the mound and take out the pitcher!

So, in a shocking and irritating turn of events, I will not be going to Creation. I am very disappointed and uber bummed. The only silver lining I can see is that I will be able to purchase a lot more cd's now and STILL save money. We will be going to Montana to visit, but on the 22 of July and only for like 3 days. We will be able to attend Eric's wedding. That will be most enjoyable.But, just not the same as Creation.

I will not be able to see my friends or my wifey. Very disappointing.

I will be going to a Highschool camp July5-9. That will hopefully be fun.

There is an opportunity for a possible job that has come to my attention. Seems there is a jerky maker in a town just north of us, and the person who was distributing his jerky to Crescent City, doesn't want to do it anymore. The job would mean, once a week buying the product from maker, then selling it at stores in Crescent City, hopefully making a profit. Eventually to do this I will need my license, but my father has agreed, should we try this, that he would take me the first couple of times till I could drive.

She's still there, much to my surprise.....

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Hannah said...

Wait....wifey? Am I missing something here?