Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What The Future Holds

Well, I can see I need to post more often, but when the your not motivated,well, your just not motivated.

Life has been moving on at a pretty rapid pace recently, for me anyway. I now only have year left in highschool. I am about to get a job(who doesn't say that). And now, after sorting through several different accounts of how to get a permit. So, hopefully I can get that done before the end of July. Family camp has come and gone. Fun as it was, I'm glad thats just once a year, otherwise my stomach just couldn't take it.

As for creation, I'm just not longer sure it's going to happen.An unfortunate circumstance threw off our plans and well, everything costs money.

Now that I am a senior, college is much closer than it has been. And, I don't want to go straight to college anymore. I want to work for a couple of years and maybe then look into college.

Samuel, fyi, I have met someone, and it's not a

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