Thursday, February 18, 2010

Live Free or Let Me DIe

Put your ipod (or playlist) on shuffle and the use the titles that come up as the answer to your questions.

I will use my playlist.Okay. Here Goes.No do-overs.

If someone says "This is okay", you say: Youth of the Nation, P.O.D( sense at all)

What would best describe your personality? When in Doubt, Thousand Foot Krutch(totally not true)

What do you like in a guy/girl? What is the Gospel, Lecrae ( very true)

What is your life's purpose? Share It with Me, Family Force 5(stupid)

What is your motto? I'll Go Crazy if I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, U2(haha..i like it)

What do your friends think of you? Dream On, Aero Smith(im not sure how to take that)

What do you think about very often? Joyful Noise, Flame ft. Lecrae(true true)

What is 2+2? Wipe Your Tears, T-bone(random)

What do you think of your best friend? Be My Escape, Relient k( haha..sometimes indeed....)

What do you think of a person you like? Fight Inside, Red(very true)

What is your life story? Buffalor Soldier, Bob Marley(that is SOOOO wrong)

What do you want to be when you grow up? Never Gonna Be as Big As Jesus, Audio Adrenaline( well thats true)

What do you think when you see a person you like? Around the World, KJ-52( no idea)

What do your parents think of you? Million Pieces, Newsboys (not sure that fits)

What will you dance to at your wedding? Lucy, Skillet(ummm..okay, i coudl live with that)

What will they play at your funeral? If You Believe Me, Relient k(well, okay...i guess)

What is your hobby/interest? Freedom, Run Boy Run(truth)

What is your biggest secret? Jesus Freak, Dc Talk(thats not much of a secret)

What do you think of your friends? Alive, P.O.D( i hope they're alive)

What's the worst thing that could happen? The Saltwater Room, Owl City(no, dumb)

How will you die? Favorite Disease, TFK(i don't like ANY diseases)

What's the one thing you regret? Candlelight, Relient k(what in the world?)

What makes you laugh? Definitely Maybe, TFK(i definitely laugh)

What makes you cry? Ill Be There, MJ(no, michael Jackson will never make me cry)

Will you ever get married? Deconstructing Venus, Kevin Max( no sense)

What scares you the most? Only Hope, Switchfoot(hey, i LIKE hope)

Does anyone like you? Praying For You, Lecrae( im praying so...haha)

If you could go back in time, what would you change? Sing, The Classic Crime(yea, would NOT sing)

What hurts now? On The Wing, Owl City( i have wings?!?!)

What do you often exclaim? Live Like You Were Dying, Tim Mcgraw(or NOT, but still very true)

What did you first say as a baby? Belly of a Whale, Newsboys(im not really sure what my first word was)

If you had a pet, what would you name it? Softer To Me, Relient k( nah, BJ, for Buck Junior)

What is your favorite sight to see? Wish You Well , TFK( when you've seen one wishing well, you've seen them all)

What makes you gag? Believe, Skillet

What are you best at? Live Life Loud, Hawk Nelson( WOW...sooo true)

If you wrote a book, what would you call it? Alien Youth, Skillet(that is a waaaaaay cool title, i think ill write a book now)

What did you wish for last? Lose This Life, Michael Tait(for christ)

What would your superhero name be? Never Surrender, Skillet

How soon will this be over? Are You Real, KJ-52

Where are you sitting? Pierced, Audio Adrenaline( at my DESK)

What do you most hate? Souled Out, Lecrae(yes, i hate it when people seel you out, oh wait thats different)

What do you most love? Earth Invasion, Skillet(earth invadede by...uumm..aliens i guess)

What do you not care about? Tonight, TFK( soo true)

What is your secret name? Fanatic, Lecrae(awesome)

What will you post this as? Live Free or Let Me Die, Skillet(okay, ill do it)