Monday, November 24, 2008

Gone for Thanksgiving

The author here, i am going to Cal for thanksgiving so i will not post for probably a week. The weather is supposed to be warm there, thank goodness. I have always thought that Cal would be a nice place to live, i don't know how long it will continue to be a nice place with a muslim as president.Aaaaargh!!! Don't even get me started on him. Barrack Obama will destroy the upper class(big/small business) with his outrageous tax plan, which will in time destroy the lower classes.He might not even be our president because he has no proof of citizenship. He is a communist thru and thru. Spread the wealth huh? Ug-bug! That is taking the money from all the hard-working people, and giving to the bums on the street who need to go get a job. He wants us lose our independence, and be dependent on the government. More government is NOT the answer, more, more, more and more government will only lead to a ONE WORLD ORDER!!! *deep breath*. Well, there's my opinion in politics. Soooo... i will see you all in one week, hopefully.


Rachel said...

So young,and yet so many deep thoughts...well, at least we agree on one thing about the pres. elect.

Well, I wish I were going to Cali.

Hobbit said...

Josh you are like too young to worry about politics

ponderizor said...

Not that I don't agree with you on this matter, but now that Obama is our soon-to-be president, it is not American to speak with no respect about him. I don't agree with him, but he deserves the same respect that we should give to every president before because every governing authority has been placed over us by God.


minja 002

ponderizor said...

sorry to disagree w/ you, comrade Minja, but FORGET IT!
do you seriously think that I'm going to speak w/ respect @t that.... @#$%^&*?!?!?!
tell me, do you think that Dubya deserves respect? HA!
don't blame God, it's our fault that we're in this mess. remember how God wanted to be Israel's King, but they wanted Saul? look how that turned out! America is supposed to be governed by 'We the People', not Rockefeller puppets!
I don't respect devil worshipers; and that's what he is, as was Dubya.
*cheeky Dubya laugh* heh-heh, 'Stay the course!'
why not? let's kill another couple million! that's our 'Christian' nation, for ya.

minja 013

Muse Of Randomness said...

Okay so I thought I might comment here too...

I don't believe what you're saying is exactly Communism, I think it's something else like they have somewhere in South America... I forgot where but we were talking about it in Spanish class...

It seems like no one'll ever be happy, no matter who is president or what the government is like. Give them more government and they want less. Take it away and they want more.

How can we be ruled by "we the people" if we are so divided?? Give one group happiness and the next hates you for it.

However, I agree with Minja 002 on this matter. See what he does before you slander him.

MennoGirl said...

Well, I honestly try not to give the dear boy (cough, choke, puke) too much head space.