Friday, March 20, 2009


Since my video uploader thingy is having problems, I am just going to post more pics. These particular pics are recent pics of my FAVORITE BAND IN THE WORLD, RELIENT K!!!!! Relient k is a christian punk, rock band that has been around since their formation in 1998. These are the band members starting from the top left going from left to right: John Warne(bass, back up vocals), recently added Ethan Luck(drummer),now at the bottom left, leader of the band, Matthew Theisen(guitar, lead vocals), Jon Schneck(guitar), and Matthew Hoopes(guitar, backup vocals). Only Thiesen and Hoopes are left from the original core four.

In this pic, John Warne is in the tree for some reason, I'm not exactly sure.

This is probably my favorite pic. I just like the color and the woods background.


Aaron said...

They have been around since there formation?

Syreena K. Zycest said...

Haha..good point!

RogerMan said...

shut up!!