Thursday, December 30, 2010

"I'm sorry sir, but your warranty simply does not cover 'acts of God' "

Go figure. So, while looking at a service plan for Ipod's, turns out, one of the many things that the warranty does not cover, in actual writing, is, "Acts of God". Huh? Prolly caused by some guy who thought that the breaking of his Ipod, was an act of God indicating that they should provide him with a newer one. Jeez....people theses days.

9 billion. That's how many people are estimated to be on planet Earth by the year 2045.(if we make it past the year 2012) That's a LOT of people. A WHOLE BUNCH OF THEM. And, supposedly 1 our of every 6 will be in India.&#!%....hahaha...But you know, for all that, for all the people and so called "experts" think about us running out of room on this dirt ball, it has been determined by study upon study by that the entire population of the world could fit in the state of Texas, semi-comfortably, with every family or groups getting a town house. Running out of room huh? Don't believe me? Google it. Google "can the whole world population fit in Texas". There are hundreds of sites on it.

New Year's was AWESOME!!! Some 25 of us teens played like 7 games of volleyball. My team only won one game. It was an epic fail. Then played sardines, always great fun. And on a whim, Jacob and Dustin spent the night at my house. We played some b-ball in the gym, and then TOTALLY O.D. on Oreo's and vanilla wafers. Playing poker, Foosball, and LOUD mouse trap.

What's more fun than hanging with friends??

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