Saturday, September 18, 2010

Disappointment In Rain After the Friday

So, Friday was good. School gets out for the weekend, I went to a birthday party, and YG ta-boot. And we played Sardines at YG. It was epic. But, there was a little bit of purpleing going on during that game. Just picture 8 teens, crammed in ways that should not be, in the dark, giggling like mad men(or women, W), and it was awesome fun......I needed a bath in hand sanitizer afterwords tho.....

And then, we swung on swings(say that five times fast), in the rain, for like 45 minutes in the dark....awesomeness, good times, good times...

Then,at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday, my mom comes in and says, "No soccer today".


I don't play cuz there's no teams at my lame-o-school, so I ref, and I get paid to do ta-boot! Win-Win!

And it hasn't stopped raining in 24 hours.....soak it in!

g2g....Toodles!*waves vigorously!

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