Monday, September 13, 2010

Angry Happiness

Yea, its like that. School is just so typical, now that am with other teenagers that act so much like.....umm...teens...

Life is getting better slower than I had hoped.

I am already saving for Creation next year.

I am this *makes hand motion* close to getting a Ipod. Yes, I worked hard for it.

Posts are starting up again, be afraid, be very afraid. Or, just run to your psychiatrist , just like Monk.


findingMuse. said...

I am this close *makes hand motion* to nothing. Aside from running upstairs and drawing up a frenzy. Possibly planning out a mural for my wall.

I have that much free time on my hands.

Alayney M. said...

This is one of the weirdest titles I've read in a while.... just thought I'd let you know..