Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sleeping Wide Awake

I want an Ipad, but I don't want an Ipad. They're cool and all, but if I do any serious typing, I would just get a laptop.Anyway, if I had a spare 1000 bucks and a laptop already, I would totally buy one. No, scratch that. I would buy the Ipad2.

I am sick. I have a racking cough. I am not going to school tomorrow.(why am I not ecstatic over that, I'm not sure) It used to be I was almost euphoric over any possibility of missing school. Now, I almost wish I wasn't sick.....hmmm....they must be affecting....their brain washing techniques must be having a bigger affect on my brain than I thought......

Should your spouse balance you out, or be just like you? Interesting question.

A bunch of my friends got to go see Lecrae in Missoula, MT. I am soooo breaking the tenth commandment.

I am watching an India Jones movie marathon on USA channel. They totally disrespected the name of Indiana Jones with the fourth movie. Jones is historic, not futuristic.

You know what, the is lame. I am going to bed. Sleep. And hopefully feel better tomorrow. Jones, you can find the Lost Ark and fight the entire Nazi army all by lucky self.

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sorry you're sick... so am I, and so is my sister :-P. In fact, I just hurled two seconds ago! LOL, yeah, no fun. I've wondered about the spouse thing for a while, because my parents are polar opposites, and their 'relationship' is a wreck. I think it's because no matter what, they'll never understand how the other one thinks or see things from that totally opposite perspective-one from the south, one from the north, and now I'm in the middle of a civil war. I think that it is great to have someone similar to you at the core (moral standards, basic beliefs, areas that he/she is passionate about, priorities regarding career vs. family, etc.), but different in the outer qualities/personality (like an introvert being brought of his/her shell by an extrovert, or a pessimist being taught to see the glass half full, or learning to laugh more). I think when two people both lift each other up and help them to be the best version of themselves they can, it's really amazing… but everyone is different, and for some people a polar opposite or an identical spirit might be perfect :). Haha, I was watching the Indiana Jones marathon on USA too, but didn't watch the fourth one :-P.