Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Is Maturity

What is it? What is maturity? How does one know if you are mature?

Well, first off, there are several types of maturity, for example: spiritual, physical, psychological, technological, financial, and even geological.

"Wow, that Sarah, she can be soooo immature some times!"

"I think Jeremy is very mature for his age."

....*scuttles away*.......*comes back with the life source(otherwise known as bananas)....Okay, so, here's how this got started....*backspaces* me just say this, Someone called me immature, and I think they are wrong. I think they were basing their evaluation of me off the wrong ideas.

Now, I'm no different than most people who would be offended if someone else called them immature. Now, this person called me immature in the circumstance of me being loud and goofy with some of my friends. Which is exactly what I want my point to be.

What makes someone immature or mature? Why do we tend to think people that are quiet and reserved are more mature then people who are louder and talk more. And don't try to tell me otherwise. IT HAPPENS. Granted that is the case a lot of the time, but not all the time. I think we tend to label someone mature or immature based off how much they talk and how loud they are way too much of the time. Half the time people base their definition of maturity off a plethora of opinions from multiple sources.

Personally, I think most of us can agree that maturity has at least these qualities:
  • Responsible
  • Honors the ones in authority over him/her
  • Knows when is the time to talk, and when to umm...shut up
  • Can admit it when they are wrong
  • And not rub it in when they are right
  • Is not prideful(not to be mistaken with have pride/self-confidence)
And there are many more, but I think I covered some good ones.

See, just because someone is loud and a little goofy does not "show their immaturity" Same goes for "quiet and reserved people". Just as long as they know the correct times to be loud and goofy, and when to be serious.

Okay, I've said my two cents worth. Do you agree?


Elizabeth said...

I agree! Quiet and reserved people (like myself, I must admit) are perceived differently than louder more outspoken people, and sometimes the contrast isn't entirely fair. It seems to me that it's hard to call someone stupid if they never say a stupid thing, regardless of whether or not they say anything intelligent or really anything at all. But if someone talks a LOT, and some of what comes out is stupid, then they might be judged for that regardless of the fact that the MAJORITY of what they say is insightful and of worth. As far as maturity goes, I was once told by a very wise woman that pure selflessness was as mature as you could get-that the end goal of maturing and growing up is to stop putting oneself first and live for God (and the good of other people). I think all of the qualities you listed are spot-on, and can be tied into selflessness and humility. I think another key trait in maturity is independence (or the willingness to be independent and think independently, the desire for independence, depending on the age of the person-I mean, you can't call a 6yo immature for not wanting to live on his own xD); wanting to care for others instead of being cared for. Trying to understand someone else's view and being open minded in general are also traits I believe are tied in with maturity. Not being quick to anger-not causing drama. Anyway, great post-sorry the inspiration for it was being called immature. Oh, and bananas are the bombdiggity :D.

Nihil said...

I think maturity is defined by being capable of understanding your faults and developing the willpower to deal with them.

It's easy to look at a loudmouth, or the class comedian, or whoever and decide they're immature. Sometimes that's true. But there's usually other factors and elements behind the scenes that people don't know how to look for. And that in itself is an instance of immaturity on the side of the person doing the judging.

Elizabeth said...

Glad you liked the Cage the Elephant song-were you talking about Shake Me Down or Flow? The whole album (Thank You, Happy Birthday) is actually pretty great, as was their self titled album (if you've ever heard Ain't No Rest For the Wicked, or Back Against the Wall, those were both singles from their earlier album). I just love their sound... when you hear one of their songs you know it is them, because they have a distinct style :). Haha, I'll stop rambling now. Thanks so much for commenting!