Thursday, February 3, 2011

Algebra 2 Tamed

But only temporarily. I have survived yet another Algebra 2 test of my mental toughness and endurance. Not without lots of brain pain of course, but I made it. Barely.!

So, if a teacher says don't do something, it really means just don't get caught right? I mean it's better to ask permission that forgiveness on occasion right?? Okay, maybe that's not the best idea ever, but hey, doesn't mean we can't entertain it!

So, nothing exciting has been going on. Vinny and Chelsea are pretty much back together(when you are constantly holding hands under the table,dragging on each other, its kinda obvious). Dillon is still obsessed with a girl*who I will leave unnamed* who lives in TEXAS for Pete's sake. I keep telling that guy to get a life.

My foot is completely healed from the stepping on a nail deal. I have become a series of exercises that, hopefully, will allow me to dunk on a regulation sized hoop in the future. A very lofty goal I know, but still, a achievable one I think.

I am watching the tv show Charm City Cakes, and they delivered a cake that looks like a knight in armor to a place called Medieval Times. They are dressed up in medieval clothes and stuff. Kinda makes me wanna be a knight. Tho, I think I would rather be a Duke instead.

Which bring up the question, what medieval time role would you like to be? Duke? Duchess? King? Queen? Cardinal? Princess? Prince? Executioner maybe?

Zombieland Rule # 6-SKILLET: Big. Cast Iron. In the event of a zombie invasion in your home and you don't have your gun in your hand, grab one of these. It will get the job done if wielded correctly. And, because it doubles as a cooking dish, cook your self an omelet afterward. Try cooking it in bacon grease.

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