Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fleas and The Four Day Weekend

I hate fleas. Or really, all bugs in general. Any insect is no friend to me. Except ladybugs, those cute little buggers are ok I guess. But other than that, I have a passionate distaste for any and all insects. They are the bane of my existence. Crawling. Biting. Flying. Eeeewwww. Death to them all. Yes, I know our ecosystem would collapse if all insects died......but still.....

That for one of many reasons is why I like the state of Montana. It's cold. Cold kills bugs. I stay happy. Fits me perfect.

And on the subject of fleas, one of our cats was infected with fleas. I use the past tense verb was because my mother and I spent the better part of an hour and a half washing with flea shampoo and picking out fleas driven out by it by hand. Trying to pick fleas off a thrashing, soaked, and unhappy cat is NOT an easy job. Not easy. Had you ever heard a cat in serious distress or pain screech. It gave me the shivers. Creepy.

Here it is. Happens every year. The first mention of Creation! Yes, I am officially signed up for Creation. Oooooohhhh...... good vibes....

Some new movies I want to see that are coming soon:

Unknown (Liam Nelson)
The Eagle (Channing tatum)
The Adjustment Bureau (Matt Damon).
And last but not least...
Hops ( a story about the bunny who didn't want the job)


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