Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Fail

Except for the actual football part, this year's super bowl was a bust. The lady, whose name I will not mention here, who was chosen to sing our national anthem butchered it so bad in an attempt to make it stylish. And instead of just singing straight, she made it horrible. And the halftime show, don't even get me started. Granted the light display setup was very cool, and the Black Eyed Peas did sing their good songs, but they didn't sound good singing them, and their female vocalist is not a good live singer. That much I now know.

Not to mention, there were seats at the stadium that were deemed unsafe due to the weather conditions. What? Yea, turns out, in Dallas, Texas,(let me be clear, Dallas Texas, you know, way down south?) just days before the Super Bowl, Dallas got six inches of snow. Six!....Go figure huh? Must be all that "global warming" kicking

So, other than all that, it was a very good show.

Until Next Year......

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