Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Stole The Front Seat., I Must Be Cold-Blooded

Or at least that's what Jamie thought when she returned to the car to find me grinning evilly at her through the window. Haha. The look on her face was priceless. The shock! The outrage! While she fumed in the backseat, I quietly savored the moment. She is usually pretty good about getting the front seat, but she made a careless move and I took FULL advantage it!

That put me in a pretty good mood to say the least.

I do believe I am ready to fight to the death for my right to wear my mossy, green polo shirt to school! Just because our school code says all shirts must be a shade of blue, white, or black, doesn't mean one shouldn't be allowed to wear mossy green polos! Where is my union?! Oh, and while on the subject of 'unions', I will say that the original idea for unions was a good thing. But what they are now, is just an excuse to sue the company, or demand a higher wage you may not deserve. They have totally morphed into a waste. Such a waste.

I finally woke up when my alarm went off and STAYED awake. After gently turning off the alarm at 5:30, I dragged myself out of bed, into shorts, a t-shirt, a pair shoes, and into a P90x workout Arms & Biceps workout. Tony Horton is just plain freaky. Funny, but a freak. But he can pump iron, I will give him that.

The smell of chicken is causing my nose to pull my face towards the table. I must follow my nose.


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