Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back To School

Yes. It's official. This is going to be a long year. Yep. A new principle has take over 4square. And new the new regime has brought more rules, regulations, and procedures. Not to mention, the schools infamous Mrs. K has joined our class room. Her contribution being her ever-present stop watch. Timing everything and making sure no time is wasted. Oh, how things have changed. Oh well, new rules means more ways to break them.

But, that being said, the first day went quite well I think, as far as first days are concerned. I am okay with where my desk is. Despite our numbers being down(us highschoolers that is), we still managed to chill and enjoy ourselves. As my fav teachers says, We are a "community". LOL. Dauber cracks me up. That being said, I still am not friends with him on Facebook. Hmm..I wonder why he hasn't accepted my friend request.

Oh, to all interested peoples, I am currently working on a new blog that will be Authored by yours truly(that would be ME for all the blondes out there) and my good friend Aaron. Here is a link to his personal blog, Nihil Versus, Omnia Licita . I really enjoy his blog. Tho, he does need to post more. I say that, realizing that him starting another blog with me prolly won't help that come true.

Anyways, I must be off. My alarm clock is set for 5:30 AM, and I must NOT sleep thru it. Toodles!

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