Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just Another Bang-Your-Head-On-The-Wall Moment

Yes. It's that time of year again. School is beginning. Time for kids of all ages to subject themselves to 9 months of brain pain and number crunching. For me, it's my last year. ^#$%((@....not sure what to think of it. I tried to get into ASL classes at the college, but they are filled for the whole year. And summer? Forget it. So, my plans for foreign language, screwed! Which means that this school year is NOT off too a good start.

This morning I went into school for a minute to drop something off and saw where my desk was.....It could be worse, stuck between a quiet weirdo, and a cool, quiet person. Could be worse I guess.

You know whats irritating? When you buy an album, and then like 3 months later, the band releases a deluxe edition of the same album with new songs only on the deluxe edition. It's like they are just trying to mess with me!! Now, I want those two songs SOOO bad, but I'll feel stupid if I buy the deluxe edition JUST for those two songs!! Curse you label company.*shakes fist*

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