Sunday, August 14, 2011

I Passed a Test I Have Already Taken

I am officially a soccer ref now. I can now get payed to ref soccer games. YAY!!

I have a badge now. It's official now. I did ref last year for the Del Norte Youth Soccer League, but my license or whatever you call it had expired, so I had to take a course and a test which I passed just barely. YAY!!

Oh, and when it comes to soccer this year, my father and I are coaching a U8 team. It's actually quite entertaining to coach. So much enthusiastic energy all over the field. Haha. They are just so funny to watch.

A weird thing happened to me at our church potluck today. I had several girls tell me I smelled good! And what's even weirder? I get that quite often actually. I get told mostly these two things, that I have pretty eyes and I smell good! All I can say is, for the first, "I was born with it", and for the second, well, "You can thank Old Spice Body wash for that"! lol


findingMuse. said...

I want to smell you now. Very much.

Raja-Man said...'s pretty weird....but I can't say I'm not pleased by