Saturday, August 20, 2011

What Else Is There?

blue is a color, but so is blood, blood is not just a color but a life source, do you find answers in doctors, or in the internet...even by my reckoning most people are wowed...but, i really just don't know what is going on, life is going by, and i'm sharing it with no one.... im treading water, in a pool where i can touch bottom....i'm sinking, but only while in outer space, then one can really reach his potential, to be shut up or shut down, don't let them put you down, it will come back around, just not around the corner, the shadowed corner that your hiding in, relax tho, the shadow proves there's sunshine, the sun's light exposes it all, but if you expose film it's ruined, you left my life in ruins, but, i am now ruined, with your help, we can make it......

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