Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dude, You're Such A Wangsta!

Yes! Weeks of microwave dinners are over! My mother, along with my two urchin siblings, is now home from a 4 week stay in Iowa. Just in time too. One more bowl of Ramen Noodles might have been the death of me.

In other news, it was "crazy hat" day at an event I help at and my only hat was a flat-billed cap. So I proudly tilted it back and to the side, and proceeded to walk with a swag towards Dustin. I believe the first words out of his mouth were, "Dude, your such a wangsta!" Now to anyone who does NOT know what that term means, it means, "Wanna-be-gansta". Wham-O! Wangsta!

don't ask why i took this photo in the bathroom....cuz i still don't know

Turns out, this drink that Alex is so eagerly chugging, costs less than 4 dollars! We pretty much considered that a steal.


findingMuse. said...

I still don't see why you had to untag me as the soap/shampoo bottle. I happen to feel that I make a lovely bottle-thing. :<

... Nah. I've seen more wangster-y things in my life. And I thought a wangsta was a White gangsta, used to insult those perceived as failing at being gangster. Or in areas where there's some sort of White supremacy stuff going on. Either way works, though.

Raja-Man said...

it was an accident....but ill fix