Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Out with Freedom, In with Prison(aka school)

Summer, the time of warm weather, lots of sunshine, days at the lake,sleeping in, and our obsession with being tanned(well, at least i like to be a little tanned),is coming to a frenzied end.People rushing to milk every last drop of fun they can out of summer.And with the end of one thing, always comes the begining of another, in this case two things, me favorite season, Fall, and ,for most people between the age of 6-22, SCHOOL. School is here, and it will not leave for a very long time. Oh, how i wish it were not so.

Curiosity killed the cat,
But Satisfaction brought him back.


Nan said...

question: what does a curious cat have to do with school? :P

MennoGirl said...

I love Fall, but share your not-so-fondness of school. Luckily, it's my last year.

Raja-Man said...

NAN:nothing absolutely nothing

Hobbut: WoW. how time flys