Saturday, September 19, 2009

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Well, I couldn't think of anything to post about, so I surfed the web for a bit to see if i could find some good little stories. I was not disappointed. Here are two interesting stories.

Just recently, a woman,Gloria Ballard, was arrested for spanking ANOTHER parents two year old. As the story goes, Mrs. Ballard, decided something that the two year old said annoyed her, and she proceeded to spank the child twice across the bottom. Note to Mrs. Ballard: how about you reserve dishing out spankings to your OWN children, I mean ,c'mon lady, how not smart(notice i refrained from saying dumb) can you be?!

How many children are a good number for a family, 1,3, 6, nooo, not for this family.The Duggar family in Tonitown, Arkansas have made it public that that Mrs. Duggar is now 2 1/2 months pregnant with their 19th child. let me repeat that. They have NINETEEN, 19, children.WoW. If you have an opinion on this story, look at my poll.


MennoGirl said...

Honestly, by the time you're onto #19, it seems as though you're trying to prove something. Maybe that's not their motive, but children are God's gift to be treasured, trained, and enjoyed, and how can they be when all you can think about is breaking records and wowing the media?

Lydia said...

blaaaaaaahhhh 19?!?!?!?!! I would go bazeerrrk!!! haha. I love children, but 19?

Aaron said...

I think having nineteen children would push me over the edge of my already fragile sanity.

Muse of Randomness said...

I would have to agree with Aaron. I think I have a bit more sanity than him, though.