Saturday, May 14, 2011

Busy Is My Middle Name

WoW. Well, for starters, I apologize about not posting in so long. I have been UBER busy with increased homework, dance lessons, basketball and whatever else our busy schedule throws our way. And trying to keep a steady workout schedule is quite difficult. I have merely been trying to survive the chaos until school ends June 3rd. Oh the joy!! : )

 As previously stated, I will be going to the ball, and dance lessons have begun as of just over two weeks ago. It has been an interesting experience, more fun than I expected, but still dreaded over. So far I have learned(or at least the ones i know the names of) the Electric Slide, Waltz, basic Swing, Foxtrot, and two others whose names I can't remember. I know they both involved two lines of peoples. One of them went to this form I think, two lines facing inward, alternating so that everyone was in between two people in the other line, and goes something like this: right-skip, step-behind, left-skip, step-behind,forward-step-skip, forward-step-skip, 180 degree turn, and 1-2 foot stomp. That's prolly the furthest thing from it but that's the best I can describe it.....*fail*....

 Anyhoo, at the very least Dustin is there, and he and I hang together. He and Tara are going, but, little detail here, they both like each other. So, that's good for them.

  My school will not be going to Virgina this year. Unfortunately, we started fundraising waay to late, so we had nowhere near the amount of money we needed. And, some of the parents were a little worried about the retaliation attacks coming from Bin Laden's supporters. And, if in fact we killed the real one, then there will definitely be at least an attempt at retaliation, that can be surety.

  I have seen a movie recently that I must talk about. Kings Speech. Very good. Only one scene damns the movie to an R rating, otherwise its a simply fantastic. Four grammys I believe. Wonderful. Absolutely fantastic. Incredible. UBER AWESOME DUDE!!!

  One last thing, want to get in shape? Want to firm up? Try P90X. It is killer! It is a must. My mom and I both do it(when we have time), trying our bloody hardest to keep in line with the schedule. It is absilutely wonderful. Great workouts. LUV IT!!


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Elizabeth said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! I'm glad that the dance lessons have been more fun than you expected :). I guess I understand the hesitance to send you all to Virginia... still kind of stinks though. And The King's Speech is awesome!!! I absolutely love that movie... all of the main characters are great :). I hope that things get more manageable for you soon! Just holding on till school ends...