Saturday, May 21, 2011

To Dance? Yes, to dance!

 Yes, I went to the wedding reception/dance. Yes, I danced with said girl, among several others. It was quite fun. I did enjoy myself. But, nevertheless, I'm glad its only once a year.

  So, this is how it went down. Now, unlike previous years, this was not an official Sea Cadet Ball, but a wedding, with the reception having dancing in it. The idea being from the bride. So, we showed up at about 6(we being my family and I). They served food at about 6:30, and we sat down and ate. The group I hung out with was my date and I, Dustin and Tara, Sophia, Alex(his date was other places in between dances), and Lauren. Lauren and Sophia had no partner. Sophia's partner just stood her up and didn't show. She was pretty disappointed. So, besides dancing with our partners and others, us guys took turns dancing with her. Funny thing is tho, she has been dancing for like six years, and us guys, uh, not. So, we had a little trouble keeping up with her. She is really good.

 Like I said this was not an official dance, so the music was previously selected and they didn't play as many Waltz songs and stuff as previous times. There were a lot more dance songs, or country, and stuff that's kinda hard to do the foxxtrot to ya know. So....we freestyled. Made it up.

 And then the awesome happened. They turned off the lights, handed out glowsticks, and cranked out some serious electronic, dance beats. It was epic!!!! There were glow sticks flying everywhere, and we would get in a big bunch, and just jump!!! Some of the adults didn't like it as much. My family left, and I got to stay and clean afterwards. It ended at 10:00! I would leave with Dustin and Tara. Yes. A very good experience. Once a year. lol

Here is a video of the peoples i was with at the begining.



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