Friday, May 27, 2011

So Close, So Stinkin Close

  In fact, I am close. To several things. Next week will be the arrival of two things I do really enjoy, Facebook, and the end of school!! YEA!!!! I cannot wait.Well, as my dad says, I can , I just don't want to. But, right now I am so tired. I was up to about 4 am last night, er, morning, with Malachi and Alex. yea, details not included. lol

  Creation is coming closer. I am starting to get chills when I think about it. I heard Skillet has upped their live show(hard to imagine) even more so. Oh, and Skillet's song Awake and Alive Remixed has been chosen for Transformers 3 soundtrack. Cool huh?

 I saw Thor. It was okay. Typical action flick. Kinda like Clash of The Titans. It had one good twist, but that was about it. Natalie Portman has been everywhere this year. Seems like every other movie cover of a new movie I see has her face on it. Geez.

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