Saturday, July 10, 2010

Deathly Close But Not Close Too Death

Three Days. That was the amount of time we were home between getting home from Iowa, and leaving to go to Northern, CA and Montana. We are leaving this morning to go to Crescent City, CA. We will be there 8 days, which means it will be the 19th when we leave and Creation is on the 21st, so, wow, its going to be nerve-wrackingly close. I'm just a praying that things work out.

But, anyhoo, see, I changed the URL of this blog in an attempt to rid my blog of those worthless, porn totin' chinease FREAKS!!! So far its seems to have been a success, no porn comments yet!!! Its a porn free blog!! If only the world would follow suite.

So, two cd's I recently got, Trip Lee's Between Two Worlds, and Breaking Benjamin's Dear Agony are quite amazingly Epic. With Trip Lee's throwing the bible at your face without fail(i mean that in a good way), and Breaking Benjamin just having a good ole rocking out, I have enjoyed listening to them.

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