Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Gosh, people!!! I hate it when they ask you the question, "so, are you having fun today?", and you have been working all day. WORK IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE FUN(tho I'm not saying it can't be, cuz in rare cases it can). But seriously, what a stupid question. Work is usually what work is supposed to be, WORK!!

And working is what I am doing now. OH, wait. Before I go any further. CREATION WAS EPIC!!! I totally lost my voice and sounded even worse then a boy going thru puberty, which by the way is the goal of Creation. To lose ones voice before Sunday. Oh, yeah. Switchfoot was better than expected. The Newsboys were great even with a new look like Michael Tait.Most other bands were just okay, and Skillet, was of course, EPIC as always.

Oh, thought you guys would like to know who I was able to touch because I was able to get to the front row for a couple of shows...

I was able to touch: Tobymac on the shoulder,Michael Tait thigh(everyone said that on was kinda creepy, calve, and on his very expensive shoes, Duncan Phillips hand, and Kj-52's leg.

I swore never to wash my right hand again, but after being in the mosh pit, absolutely had too. GROSS!!! AAAHHHH!!! I think I still smell like that one big dude behind me.

Anyway, now I am in Montana staying at a friends house for two weeks so I can work for to weeks at a plany nursery, earn some money, and see my friends.

Oh, and I got married to Mckensey. And as soon as we got married we adopted a ladybug and named it Lady. sweeeeeeeet

*disclaimer* to those who took that last post way to seriously...ITS A JOKE!!!!! Did you guys really think I gots married for reals.....gee-wiz...

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