Saturday, July 17, 2010

The USS Redneck

So, I went with a youth group swimming at some river, the name of which I never knew. We had an awesome time. We jumped off rocks and talked in a circle half in and half out of the water. and........wait for it.....made cardboard boats to see who could last longer in the water. Of course, the team I was on won!!! Okay, I really had nuttin much to do with it, but we still built a winner. The USS Redneck may not have been the best looking, but she was by far the most sea-worthy.

Duct-tape is a never-fail. One can never use too much duct tape.

Oh, and the youth leader, like, comes over and says, "You're red" in reference to a sunburn THAT WAS NOT THERE!!! So, I get home and look at my back and I'm NOT SUNBURNED!! And I never thought I was either. But, anyway...


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Nihil said...

Cardboard boats? Lol. CREATION IN TWO DAYS!!