Thursday, July 8, 2010

A horrible year summed up with a not-so-epic 16th

Epic Fail. Yea, that's what this past year has been. Year 15 is in the books. Epic Fail.

Oh well, whenever you have a bad day(or year), just remember, THERE'S ANOTHER ONE COMING TOMORROW!!!

I hope.

Anyhoo, we did, in fact finally celebrate my 16th by going out for pizza, and now I am waiting for us to watch the Book of Eli. I have already seen it, but I just HAD to have my parents see it. So far for my 16th I have gotten two cd's, money, and the Book of Eli(thanks mitch) too top it all off. But it was funny, as of lately, I have been feeling very lonely. I really just have no friends that I can be with right now, and it sucks. Plain and simple. Not to mention it seems like everyone has a *someone* but me, and the friends I used to have are growing up without me. So, all that being said, I tried to call around to see if any of my CA buddies(in the truest-not-yet-friends-sense of the word) wanted/could go with us while we celebrated, and NOT ONE COULD. I felt like God was hammering in the loneliness.

Epic Fail.

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