Friday, November 5, 2010

Foolish teens don't know any better.

Yea, it was like that. At youth group no-less! So, we were at the sand dunes, and we hiked into the dunes about a half-a-mile in the dark(we learned after that its off-limits after sunset) and set up a campfire in-between two big dunes. Then, set up a game of capture the flag, in the dark, no flash-lights allowed. It was epic!Dustin and Alex were throwing themselves off the edges and rolling down the hills. We were all creeping around in the dark, then screaming our heads off in our mad dash to the flag! We got so loud in fact, that somebody near-bye even called the sheriff. And one of the adults who met with him just told him we were on a hike. Yea, whatever!

And then on the way back, me and Drew carried Dillon on our shoulders like all the way back, just for the heck of it. Just being crazy and stuff.

Does being a teen make you like, immune to weather extremes? Like, it seems, on a cold night, with a group of people, you can put your money on the teens dressing the lightest. And saying they're not cold and whatever. Hey, just saying!

Do you get dressed in the dark?

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